State Of The Union – Tweetatble

26 Jan

When I wasn’t yelling at the TV, I was tweeting away during the speech.  Here are some of my textual character limited rants:

  • Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit
  • Don’t you DARE chastise me for my rhetoric!
  • Work Together Tomorrow = Republicans in back of the bus
  • Bush blame at 9:16.
  • Tax cuts we passed = Tax Cuts BHO fought against
  • 1,000,000 private sector jobs in 2010. Need 250,000 per month dipsquat
  • Mr. President, the people who need those jobs are still here and don’t want to go to college.
  • China investing in research = Stealing U.S. Secrets
  • Agree, but the Federal Govt can’t out-innovate etc. Too much corruption and crony capitalism
  • Regulation Reform = 2 Trillion Tax $$ Increase to have govt spend on Health Control
  • 30 years ago couldn’t predict Internet… …but certainly can take it over 30 years later.
  • Without government, no GPS, Internet, Innovations?!?!?!
  • Invest in Clean Energy tech?!?!? Nooo. Really?
  • Can’t wait to hear the real details of the ‘solar shingles’ company
  • Can’t disagree w/ stopping subsidies to oil (or any other) company.
    • Given that the subsidies are likely used for the very expensive task of finding and opening the drilling for the oil, I might reconsider this statement
  • Sorry, no hope for you. Uneducated lefties like you callously used Giffords to attack the right. Very pathetic.
  • Umm, we respect the teachers; just not the union leaders. #OutOfTouch
  • By taking away DC students’ school choice. Good job Dems and BHO.
  • Become a teacher, Obama needs your union dues.
  • No offense, but what a bunch of crap. “…and unicorn farts will smell like roses”
  • Amnesty
  • Charge them double if they come from other countries to use our Universities. Duh.
  • Oh god, high speed rail subsidies. More #Fail
  • Stop the Crony Capitalism and our investments will work better.
  • Rebuilding what? 1000’s of 6-mo jobs. 9.5% unemp. Cripes, this guy hasn’t learned anything #OneTerm.
  • Highspeed rail = OutOfTouch
  • Nanyc’s face just cracked.
  • Yes, I must spend 5 hours per day working to ensure some farmer in Iowa can have internet. Thanks for taking away my freedom.
  • “Parade of lobbyists have…. ….worked in my White House.”
  • then git rid of corp tax rate.  fool.
  • You were fighting to raise Corp Tax rate for last 2 years..
  • Double exports by 2014. How?
  • 2000 pages of new regulations in healthcare
  • Anything can be improved = my healthcare laws sucks.
  • Oops my healthcare law sucks = 1099 debacle. #Fail
  • Lie, 99% of (Insurance Co Payment) denials for fraud.
  • Using the Brain Cancer survivor as a Prop. Check.
  • Good job Dems, looks like whole chamber is giving Standing O. Hmm, Repub played.
  • Blame Bush
  • Repubs have $250B / Yr reductions. #OutOfTouch
  • Where is Community Action Programs in the Constitution?
  • Where in Constitution does it say that Fed is responsible for Education when I can educate my kids at home?
  • $2T increased healthcare spending… …umm… …start there.
  • You LIE
  • You Lie
  • $50B of Healthcare Savings realized by stealing Student Loan Industry. YOU LIE!
  • Yes, the Wealthiest 2% don’t deserve to keep the money they earn.
  • Punish their success.
  • Wealthy people work for me!
  • Best thing would be to remove the tax code and base it on Consumption Tax. NO FORMs; NO IRS
  • More Competent / Efficient = Dump 99% of Senators/Congressmen/President.
  • FDA takes over when their smoked…. ..becuase of DEMS and BHO.
  • And adds 100,000 new Govt jobs.
  • He’s going to do a budget this year? Where was budget last year?
  • Your 1st 2 years was nothing but earmarks you ass.
  • Like Invaders across our borders.
  • Defeat enemies = Christians and Business?
  • Iraq where I won’t say we won the war because of the Bush Cheney surge
  • American Muslims are part of Americna Family? How about Christians Jews? Or, is this a Muslim Nation?
  • This is the most exercise Carl Levin gets all year.
  • Russian nuclear weapons failing, so START will make sure ours fail too.
  • Stand w/ S. Korea as they get repeatedly bombed by N. Korea and do nothing.
  • Corruption? How about that nifty job that M.Obama had in Chicago. #Corruptocrat
  • Biden hits on the Vodka
  • Would they have taken down the plexiglass for the speech?
  • No shit. We are united behind the troops. We’ve been there. Who hasn’t? Umm umm umm
  • Yes, the gay soldiers can openly ogle their buddies in the latrines. Yay!
  • But I’m proud of this country for the 1st time in my life.
  • Workaday Joe who’s cronies bought his house for him.
  • That got Boehner crying.
  • Brandon couldn’t have done it w/o the govt tho… …like Google, Internet, Space, Velcro.
  • Hope Brandon doesn’t make over $250,000. Then he’s one of the evil rich.
  • Is anyone in the Twismos crying?


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