I watched a bit of the movie “Joe Dirt” today.  Many of my friends thought it to be a great movie as do I.  The movie was shown on the leftist Comedy Central channel where they make cartoons out of a Republican president and his Cabinet and employ such Left-leaning Republican bashers as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

I’m sure the station thinks of themselves ad edgy and hip and out-front on various issues and pushes the envelope on language and content on a regular basis.

Words like bitch, ass, butt, bleep-head, mother-bleep-er are heard from the stand-ups on a daily basis.  South Park and others take pot shots and throw bombs in every episode.

So, it was much to my surprise that the word “Homos” was bleeped from the Joe Dirt Movie today.  In the scene, ‘Dirt’ says several times, “You like to look at homos naked?”  And each time, the word ‘homos’ was bleeped.

Here’s the original clip with ‘Homos’ included.

Shortening Homosexual into Homo-Sexy is just fine for Stephen Colbert.

Another, in The Word, we have the Homo Sapien Agenda.

The usage of Homos in Joe Dirt is certainly no more offensive than the Homo in the Homo Sapien Agenda!

Guess Comedy Central isn’t afraid of the President and the full force of the U.S. Government; but they are afraid of a few Homos — I mean, bleeps.

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