Challenging Governor Walker

AFP launched a website called Stand With Walker in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

“Americans for Prosperity today launched where citizen activists from across the country can show support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s common sense reform to end union collective bargaining and tackle the state’s nearly $4 billion deficit.”

I’ve never seen the $4 Billion figure, but I’ve seen $3.12 Billion over the next two years. Please Stand with Scott Walker as this issue and its resolution will be a turning point for America – towards freedom or further entrenched socialism.

The Rockin’ Conservative could not agree more that it is time for the States to deal strongly with people – be it unions, welfare recipients, or other administrative / elected personnel – who make their living off the taxpayer’s dollars.

Subsisting on the taxpayer’s dime is a CHOICE.  If you want to be a teacher and don’t want to work for the State, teach at a parochial or private school.  If you want to take the taxpayers money because you are down on your luck, prove that you’re worthy by submitting to drug testing.  If you want to serve your State or Country as an elected official or other administrator, don’t plan on getting rich!  Plan on earning what the average American earns, plan on providing for your retirement like the average American, and plan on providing for your healthcare like the average American.

But, in order to expect the unions and others to make concessions, we must have expectations of the Republican leadership of Wisconsin.

Thus, we must Challenge Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans in the State Capitol to support at least a 5% reduction (preferably 10%) in salaries and benefits of all State Representatives, State Senators, the Governor himself, and all employees/bureaucrats at the State Capitol.

If you believe the unions should sacrifice, so should you!

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