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Missouri And Article V Consitutional Convention

There has been much ado in the Missouri Conservative E-Mail Threads during the past few months over the Constitutional Convention.  So great was the discussion that a debate was held on March 1st between Phyllis Shlafly and Dave Roland.  The debate was moderated by local radio host Gina Loudon.

Much of that debate has sprung from the current activities in the Missouri General Assembly where they are debating a resolution to call for a Constitutional Convention.  Under HCR 19 Missouri would allow for “the proposal and ratification of an amendment to said Constitution which shall provide that an increase in the federal debt requires approval from a majority of the Legislatures of the separate States:”

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the amendments convention contemplated by this application shall be entirely focused upon and exclusively limited to the subject matter of proposing for ratification an amendment to the Constitution providing that an increase in the federal debt requires approval from a majority of the Legislatures of the separate States…”

In 1983, the Missouri General Assembly approved a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention to propose amendments — specifically an amendment to Balance the Federal Budget.  I had heard of the 1983 Resolution, but I had never seen — until today: SCR 3.  Thank you to Senator Brian Nieves and Jessica Johnson of his staff for forwarding a copy of the Resolution.

In this case, there was a stipulation: “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this application shall be deemed null and void, rescinded and of no effect in the event that such convention not be limited to such specific and exclusive purpose…”

The Constitution - h/t Logan Public Library, Logan, UT

Considering, the Constitution limits what the Federal Government can do, Article V tells Congress that it “on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments”

I don’t see anywhere in that text an option for Congress to stipulate or list the subject, topic, or number of amendments that may be proposed and submitted to the States for ratification.  And considering the 1983 Missouri Resolution specifically voids itself if the subject is not limited to a balanced budget amendment, I can only surmise that the Resolution is already void.  How can Congress call a Convention for Proposing Amendments when the execution of that ‘call’ immediately voids the approval of one of the States’ call for that Convention?

For the current consideration of HCR 19, I do not see such a self-nullifying clause.  There is a clause specifying that the Convention shall only consider the subject of requiring State approval to increase the Federal debt.

Does this clause allow Congress to call for the convention to Propose Amendments?  Yes, the Missouri Resolution allows for a call of a Constitutional Convention to Propose Amendments.

But, once the Convention is called, and since the Missouri Resolution does not automatically void itself, what (legally) stops a delegate from California from offering an Amendment to Repeal the 2nd Amendment?  Congress can’t stop it.  The delegates can’t stop it.  The States can’t stop it.  What can?  Nothing!

And therein lies the danger, conundrum, and catch-22 of the Constitutional Convention.  If you open that can of worms, you may be opening Pandora’s Box.

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Zimmerman: Post Dispatch Silence Is Deafening

As the news broke on Stuart Zimmerman’s special tax assessment treatment by the Charlie Dooley administration and the questions started flowing to his son and County Assessor candidate Jake Zimmerman, I began to watch the Post Dispatch web site to see how they handled the story.

About half-way down the image, you can see that the PD was burning the midnight oil to get out the story on Zimmerman’s opponent L.K. “Chip” Wood being late on his business property taxes.

So, considering the Zimmerman story also started breaking on 3/24/11, we could assume that this story would also appear quickly!


Jake Zimmerman - StL PD Stories - 20110329 - 01

Maybe they needed a heads up on this story, so I contacted their Politics Reporter Jake Wagman.

Again, crickets:

Jake Zimmerman - StL PD Stories - 20110329 - 02

We’ll see if he replies.

No worries; I’m sure the Editorial Department’s endorsement (below) of Jake Zimmerman will not bleed over into the news department, and the father’s assessment story will appear soon.

“If there must be an elected assessor, it should be someone professional enough to understand the complications of the job and compassionate enough to care about people with problems. Also, his taxes should be current. We recommend Jake Zimmerman.”

Hopefully, the PD Editorial Department will let us know if they continue to recommend candidates who obviously engage in favoritism and nepotism.


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Meet The Fed

It is a nice coincidence that Glenn Beck would introduce us more closely to the U.S. Federal Reserve one day before the Rockin’ Conservative delved into The Fed.  Part of Glenn’s program discussed a book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin that, among other things, chronicled the creation of the Federal Reserve System at a meeting of powerful financial magnates at Jekyll Island in southern Georgia.

“On the evening of November 22, 1910, Sen. Aldrich and A.P. Andrews (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department), Paul Warburg (a naturalized German representing Baron Alfred Rothschild’s Kuhn, Loeb & Co.), Frank Vanderlip (president of the National City Bank of New York), Henry P. Davison (senior partner of J. P. Morgan Company), Charles D. Norton (president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York), and Benjamin Strong (representing J. P. Morgan), left Hoboken, New Jersey on a train in view of a group of confused reporters, who were wondering why these bankers, representing about one-sixth of the world’s wealth, were gathering at this particular place and time and leaving together.”

According to Beck, the 5 goals of the participants were to:

Glenn Beck - 20110325 - The Fed - 01 - h/t

I strongly recommend that you read the transcript of Beck’s program from 3/25/11 when it becomes available

Today, we are going to meet The Fed.  We’ll take a quick look at the Board Of Governors of The Fed, and give a quick hit about each member:

We all know the Chairman, Ben Bernanke.  Dr. Bernanke has been hailed as an expert on the Depression of Ben Bernanke - federalreserve.govthe 1930’s and decried for his handling of the current economic downturn.

Ron Paul said of Dr. Bernanke, “There is something fishy about the head of the world’s most powerful government bureaucracy, one that is involved in a full-time counterfeiting operation to sustain monopolistic financial cartels, and the world’s most powerful central planner, who sets the price of money worldwide, proclaiming the glories of capitalism.”

Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky said on CNBC that he had seen documents which show Bernanke overruled recommendations from his staff in bailing out AIG. The columnist says this raises questions as to whether or not the decision to bail out AIG was necessary.

Janet Yellen - federalreserve.govThe Vice Chairman is Janet Yellen.  Dr. Yellen was making a tidy $410,000 as the San Francisco Fed President in 2009, while Dr. Bernanke’s salary is controlled by law.  Yes, friends.  That $410,000 is coming out of your pockets.  She apparently co-authored an interesting discussion of Out-Of-Wedlock Marriage with her husband, George Akerlof.

She believes low interest rates can be problematic, but she has NEVER voted against the majority in 36 policy decisions.

In the light review of Dr. Yellen’s history, I do not find any employment in the real world.  Bernanke waited tables to help get through college.

You don’t have to dig very far into The Fed to find the fingerprints of Morgan Stanley.  It seems that behemoth, along with Goldman Sachs, is Kefin Warsh - federalreserve.gova revolving door for the financial control of the U.S.  Meet Kevin Warsh who joined The Fed in 2006.  At that time, Vice Chairman Preston Marsh said Warsh’s nomination was “not a good idea” and that if he had a voice in the Senate, he would vote no.

However, Mr. Warsh has resigned from the Board Of Governors effective at the end of March 2011 but is still listed on The Fed’s web site.  Sadly, Mr. Warsh was the only dissenting opinion on The Fed’s $600 Billion plan to buy bonds to lower long-term interest rates and stimulate bank lending.  President Obama will have another chance to put his stamp on The Fed when replacing Warsh.

Elizabeth Duke - federalreserve.govElizabeth A Duke joined The Fed in 2008.  On 7/16/09, during Senate testimony, Ms. Duke attempted a claim that the only portion of The Fed over which there is no oversight is ‘monetary policy’.  Senator Ron Paul quickly quashed her effort to mis-characterize the level of transparency with 5 activities that spurn oversight — including transactions with other counties’ central banks.  Senator Paul compared such transactions to treaties that The Fed was executing without oversight from Congress.

Later in the questioning, Senator Paul wonders how well the consumer fares in the policy schemes of The Fed noting that the dollar has lost 96% of its value since the creation of The Fed.  Ms. Duke simply restates the ‘dual responsibilities’ of The Fed avoiding a real answer to the question.

Elizabeth Duke has predicted 4 Million more foreclosures for 2011 – 2012.

After performing as a trusted Obama adviser during the campaign and terminating his position as Professor of Daniel Tarullo - federalreserve.govLaw at Georgetown University Law Center, Daniel K. Tarullo joined The Fed in 2009.

He believes the Government has the right to oversee salaries in the private sector — especially at the banks.  Tarullo chairs the committee that oversees banking regulation and has frustrated banking lawyers with a less-than-clear position on “how private equity firms can come into compliance with Fed regulations restricting non-banks from controlling depository institutions. ‘He hasn’t even made one speech about the issue.'”

Sarah Bloom Raskin - federalreserve.govSarah Bloom Raskin, the newest member of the Board of Governors joined in late 2010.  The Raskin name may ring a bell as her father-in-law is Marcus Raskin who started the Institute for Policy Studies — a notoriously leftist think tank.

A great workup on the “radical royal family” is here.

In 1978, in an article in National Review, Brian Crozier , director of the London-based Institute for the Study of Conflict described IPS as the ‘perfect intellectual front for Soviet activities which would be resisted if they were to originate openly from the KGB’.”

And, finally, we have a vacant position on the Board waiting to be filled by President Obama and the Senate. The Fed - Peter Diamond - 20110327 - 01 His latest nominee, Peter Diamond, was rejected by by the Senate on August 5, 2010.

Diamond is a strong Keynesian policy advocate and will push for more government stimulus rather than relying on the private sector according to Freedom Works.

In the face of rising oil and food prices, Diamond has expressed no real concern over inflation. On November 30, he told Bloomberg News that ‘the quantitative easing is a help but it needs fiscal backing. Given the other things happening, it’s not as powerful as we need.’ The ramifications of engaging in overly loose monetary policy are hugely negative, affecting both domestic and global markets., wrote Freedom Works in a letter to Senators during the Diamond nomination process.

Diamond was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in October 2010, along with Dale T. Mortensen from Northwestern University and Christopher A. Pissarides from the London School of Economics “for their analysis of markets with search frictions”

However, he couldn’t get past the Senate for confirmation to The Fed.  But, we know the standards for Nobel Prizes have dropped substantially over the past 10 years.

That’s it.  These 7 positions probably have more power than the President and the Congress combined, are effectively negotiating treaties with other governments, and barely any of them have real experience the private sector ‘making things’.

Diamond was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in October 2010, along with Dale T. Mortensen from Northwestern University and Christopher A. Pissarides from the London School of Economics “for their analysis of markets with search frictions”
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Blockin’ Rockin’

“The web site you are trying to reach may not be appropriate.”

“The Website has a current rating of Suspicious.”



It turns out your humble blogger has been found to be “Suspicious” by a major Department of the Federal Government. The total 2011 budget request for this department was over $15 Billion.

The person who forwarded this issue to me asked me not to reveal the name of the Department, a Picture of the Web Page that is displayed when they try to access my blog, or the Full Text of the page.  But their Web Gateway Software and/or Content Blocking Software has deemed my site as “Suspicious”.

The page that is displayed does give the user an opportunity to “Submit A Site For Review” to determine if the site is classified incorrectly.  But, if I was that employee, there would be no chance that I’d endanger my job by submitting a site that had been deemed “Suspicious”… …especially if it was a site at odds with the current administration and the Global Warming Agenda.

I wonder what the Federal Government finds “Suspicious” about my site?  Is it my rants against Big Government?  Is it that fact that OBAMA is the largest in my Word Cloud?  Is it the Cartoons from Tom Langlitz?  Discussion of true science on Global Warming and “The Chilling Stars” book?  Conservative?  Libertarian?

And, I’m curious if the Huffington Post,, and are blocked.  How about,, or

I hope to find more information on why my site was deemed “Suspicious” …so I can keep up the good work!  I hope by mentioning the sites of my friends that they don’t find themselves deemed “Suspicious”.

If you are inside the Federal Government, I hope you have enjoyed my posts.  This may be the last you see of them.


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Why Ban Foreign Laws?

Citizens and legislators that wish to ban the use and application of Foreign Laws in U.S.Federal and State Courts have been derided and decried as racist xenophobes.

In Missouri, at least to legislators have introduced such legislation Here is the text of one of the bills.

Islamophobia, Racism, Xenophobia!  The 3 favorite Cards of the Left!


From the Kansas City Star, “This is an attack on Islam and clearly an Islamophobia bill,” said Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis Democrat who is Muslim. “It’s a bill that’s being pushed by ignorant people that know nothing about Islam.”

And, from the Boston Herald, “An attorney for the St. Louis chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the U.S. Constitution already prohibits religion from being used as a basis for laws.

“It’s a political stunt being done to fan the flames of intolerance, nothing more,” attorney Jim Hacking said.

Yes, Curtman and his allies are clearly wrong to think that a Missouri court might consult religious law or other foreign law to decide cases.  There is certainly no evidence of that.


From Human Events, “On March 3, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen announced that he would decide the case by consulting shari’a law to determine whether the arbitration was conducted properly, and should therefore be binding.  Only if his adventure in Islamic scholarship determines the arbitration was invalid will he revert to using Florida civil law to determine the ultimate outcome of the case.”

Only AFTER looking at Shari’a law will the judge apply Florida Civil Law?!?!?

And, from our Supreme Court Justices…

Supreme Court


In USA Today, “Writing for the majority in a landmark decision supporting gay civil rights, Justice Anthony Kennedy noted that the European Court of Human Rights and other foreign courts have affirmed the “rights of homosexual adults to engage in intimate, consensual conduct.””

In the Huffington Post, “Breyer said there are those who complain about the high court potentially looking at what other countries do when they are resolving cases involving U.S. law.

“I say that’s a wonderful political debate. It’s good, but it’s pretty irrelevant because when I do read things, I can read what I want,” Breyer said.

If judges in another country with similar laws have a similar case, a judge should be able to consider how they solved it, Breyer said in remarks at the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.

Clearly, there is plenty to worry about from our Supreme Court down to State Level courts.  Yes, Missourians should fear the activism of jurists on many counts, and kudos to the Missouri Legislators who have the foresight to fight this problem proactively!

(flags h/t

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McCaskill: Tweet on

If you need one Tweet to see how out-of-touch Claire McCaskill is with her constituency, it’s the first one below!

Apparently, the Missouri Senator doesn’t believe the an employee’s FREEDOM to choose whether or not they want to join a union.

Apparently, the Missouri Senator believes Missouri should allow its Minimum Wage to rise more quickly than other states (and that of the Federal Government) to ensure no new businesses re-locate here.

Apparently, the Missouri Senator believes Missouri should continue to bow to the Federal Government by taking money (that the Federal Government takes from our Grandchildren) for Unemployment Benefits along with all the attached strings.

Apparently, the Missouri voters know better and said so in November 2010!


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AirClaire: Better ‘Over Pay’

First, Claire couldn’t get away with billing you and your fellow taxpayers for jet-setting around Missouri and the nation.  Now, she can’t seem to get away with skipping out on the Property Taxes.

According to The Hill, AirClaire will back-pay $287,000 in Property Taxes to St. Louis County for the plane she co-owns with her rich husband, Joseph Shepard.

“On a conference call with reporters Monday, McCaskill announced she was sending the St. Louis County Department of Revenue a check for more than $287,000 to cover personal property taxes owed on the plane for 2007 to 2010.

“If in fact we have overpaid, that is fine,” she said.”

Claire, considering you can’t remember the rules or laws regarding Taxpayer Funded Travel or Property Ownership Taxes, I strongly suggest you OVER-PAY.  Then, next month’s revelation of your tax-related oversight will be paid in advance.

Word has it that she’s contacting Charlie Rangel on how avoid Congressional Censure and prosecution on Tax Evasion (wink).




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