Wishing Death On Glenn Beck

Somehow, your humble blogger started receiving e-mails from a left-wing T-Shirt maker called T-Shirt Hell.  Their shirts were somewhat amusing, but now they’ve upgraded their left-wing civil rhetoric to wishing death upon Glenn Beck.

Beyond the racist and despicable nature of the advertised T-Shirt, the site owner decides to jump into the deep end of the hate-filled rhetoric against Glenn.

Here’s the e-mail:


Certainly T-Shirt makers like to be controversial, but upping the rhetoric to wishing death would bring a full barrage of vitriol from the Lame Stream Media if the death wish had been made toward an Ed Schultz or a Chris Matthews!

Hypocrite much?

Have the Republicans yet figured out how pathetic it was to fall into the Democrats new era of civility canard?

Face it folks; the racism and hate is squarely on the shoulders of the Left.

2 responses to “Wishing Death On Glenn Beck”

  1. Seriously? Have you ever read their responses to hate mail, or their previous email notifications? Considering the responses that the site has recieved from Conservatives over the years, this is mild. The site owner himself has been the target of an overzealous ‘hater’ who made an attempt on his [the owner’s] life.

    And how is this racist? You can hate someone without being a racist. Now, if you say something like, “I hate X because he’s [Y race],” then you’re racist. Saying you don’t like Glenn Beck due to his illogical claims and lies is not racist in any way, shape or form. He and other conservatives have wished death upon their left-wing adversaries, so it’s more like you’re the hypocrite here.

    The site also pokes fun at both parties, being equally offensive to the Left and the Right, so I don’t see how one shirt can give you insight to their ‘left-wing rhetoric.’

  2. Mark E. Howerter Avatar
    Mark E. Howerter

    Check out Rockin the Bakken website

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