Cap And Tax Via Regulation

15 Mar

As if we don’t have enough to stay on top of…

The EPA is pursuing Obama’s radical Cap And Trade agenda to ‘necessarily skyrocket’ the prices of fossil fuel energy through regulation fiat thus usurping the responsibilities of the Congress and the President.

In the face of massive evidence to the contrary, exposed fraud, and true science, Obama continues to prey on the assumed ignorance of the American people and push through his scheme via EPA rule-making.

In Obama’s words: “Cap-and-Trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way.”

Someone please tell Mr. Obama that THE SUN controls the weather on planet Earth!

Standing in the way, Senator Mitch McConnell, along with 43 co-sponsors (including Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia), is forcing a vote on S. 482 (the Energy Tax Hike Prevention Act) as an amendment to the Small Business Innovation Research Act re-authorization bill. The vote could come as soon as today but it will probably come some time this week.

Contact your Senators to ask them to vote with Senator McConnell to stop the MASSIVE tax increase in under the guise of Cap And Trade.

Yeah, the idea is to charge businesses more for using too much energy, but remember, all the money that businesses send to the government in the form of taxes or Cap And Trade come from you and me.  Yes, it’s just another tax on you and me.

…unless you believe in the magic corporation tax-paying fairy.

H/T American’s For Prosperity for info on this post.  Get more information here.


Be sure to sign up for AFP’s mailing list; they send great information that often includes easy links for sending e-mails to your Congressman or Senator… …bypassing the need to enter the data on the House or Senate web forms!

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