Immoral To Cut Spending

Today’s E-Mail from your favorite top leftist organization (has ‘Move’ in its title) decries spending cuts by the Republicans in Congress as immoral efforts to take money out of the mouths of babes:

“What kind of country cuts food aid to hungry pregnant women and children in the middle of an economic crisis—while giving a giant tax break to billionaires?

Seriously. WTF?!

The Republicans are winning the battle over the budget, hands down, even though what they’re fighting for is, put simply, immoral.”

Personal Pregnancy Blog

I agree.  Seriously.  WTF?!?

The Left has won the argument over the past 50 years by playing to emotion; the above is a perfect example taken from that playbook.  They also count on their sheep being less than thoughtful — okay, ignorant.

Just a couple of quick thoughtful questions to those they hope to be ignorant.

  1. What tax breaks were given to billionaires?  None.  Death taxes were re-instituted (raised) on the wealthy and otherwise tax rates were kept the same.  NO tax breaks were given to billionaires.
  2. If the food aid to hungry pregnant women and children is so important, why is the Left fighting so adamantly to continue to fund NPR?

But, that’s using ‘logic’ against the Left’s ’emotional’ arguments.  And, we will lose again.

So, if the Left is indeed so worried about the children, I emotionally ask these:

  • Why is the Left fighting so hard to continue to spend the labors of generations unborn?  Are the people of this generation so pathetic that we must take from future generations to pad our own selfish lives?
  • Why is the Left fighting so hard to kill off that new generation of taxpayers through their IMMORAL abortion policies? What about that baby, yes baby, that had it’s spinal cord severed to kill it before it came out of the womb?  Or that baby that had it’s heartbeat snuffed out by a Leftist Abortionist that took it’s unborn life?

The Left has the corner on the market of immorality.  Any time they cry wolf about the Republicans’ activities, the hypocrisy meter spins off its dial!

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