People’s World Lies?

On March 18th, 2011, activists trespassed yet again on a business gathering in St. Louis.  Companies and citizens all over America must start pressing charges against these hooligans until they learn how to behave within the law.  But that’s not what this post is about.

The People’s World article describes the gathering of the Most Influential St. Louis businessmen, the attendance of Jay Nixon, and the massive bonuses Bank of America executives will receive after having taken Billions of Taxpayer $$$ from TARP.  It mentions a $410M judgment that BoA will pay for illegally manipulating debit transactions.  But that’s not what this post is about.

“For Mary Boehm, the protest was personal. Boehm almost lost her house of 21 years when her husband was without work for 8 months. “We’ve been through the nightmare,” she said. According to Boehm, Bank of America is ‘driving people into default, into foreclosure, with their lies.’ She added, ‘When the banks made poor decisions our tax dollars bailed them out, the least they can do is help families in need.’

Almost?!? I’d love to sit down with Mrs. Boehm to discuss the exact lies told by BoA, review the paperwork, inquire on her income level, and review other facts regarding her mortgage.  But that’s not what this post is about.

“Bank of America received $45 billion in TARP bailout loans in 2009 – loans that are still being paid back to tax payers.”

Wait a minute?!?!  Bank of America is still paying back the TARP loans?!?!  LIAR!!!  People’s World lies!!

Clearly our friends at the LA Times are telling another story:

“Bank of America Corp. said Thursday it has raised $19.29 billion from a securities offering that, along with available cash, will be used to repay the money it received during the height of the credit crisis last year. […] In doing so, Bank of America would join JPMorgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group as large banks that have cut ties with the government”

LA Times tells us that BoA has paid back its TARP funds, but People’s World tells us their still paying it!?!?  Make up my mind for me; which one is it folks?

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