AirClaire: Better ‘Over Pay’

21 Mar

First, Claire couldn’t get away with billing you and your fellow taxpayers for jet-setting around Missouri and the nation.  Now, she can’t seem to get away with skipping out on the Property Taxes.

According to The Hill, AirClaire will back-pay $287,000 in Property Taxes to St. Louis County for the plane she co-owns with her rich husband, Joseph Shepard.

“On a conference call with reporters Monday, McCaskill announced she was sending the St. Louis County Department of Revenue a check for more than $287,000 to cover personal property taxes owed on the plane for 2007 to 2010.

“If in fact we have overpaid, that is fine,” she said.”

Claire, considering you can’t remember the rules or laws regarding Taxpayer Funded Travel or Property Ownership Taxes, I strongly suggest you OVER-PAY.  Then, next month’s revelation of your tax-related oversight will be paid in advance.

Word has it that she’s contacting Charlie Rangel on how avoid Congressional Censure and prosecution on Tax Evasion (wink).




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4 responses to “AirClaire: Better ‘Over Pay’

  1. Greg Zotta

    March 22, 2011 at 2:21 am

    The Statists like to levy taxes, but they don’t like to pay them until they are caught. Reminds me of the time I caught a burglar climbing out a window with a TV in hand and asked me if he could just put the TV back and then go on his way. I told him no, that’s not how it works. The so called Mainstream Media will give her a pass on not paying the taxes,just like they did when Claire McCaskill was investigating abuses at Nursing Homes until she met a rich owner of one, dropped the investigation and married him. She is a despicable person.

  2. Greg Zotta

    March 22, 2011 at 2:22 am

    It was a mere oversight she failed to pay 287,000 in taxes. Then again she is a Democrat/Statist and Statists do not have to pay taxes until they are caught. Richard Hatch and Wesley Snipes should talk to Claire.


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