McCaskill: Tweet on

If you need one Tweet to see how out-of-touch Claire McCaskill is with her constituency, it’s the first one below!

Apparently, the Missouri Senator doesn’t believe the an employee’s FREEDOM to choose whether or not they want to join a union.

Apparently, the Missouri Senator believes Missouri should allow its Minimum Wage to rise more quickly than other states (and that of the Federal Government) to ensure no new businesses re-locate here.

Apparently, the Missouri Senator believes Missouri should continue to bow to the Federal Government by taking money (that the Federal Government takes from our Grandchildren) for Unemployment Benefits along with all the attached strings.

Apparently, the Missouri voters know better and said so in November 2010!

4 responses to “McCaskill: Tweet on”

  1. Drudge_Report: Now says she will sell ‘the damn plane’…

  2. (From her website) After eight years in office as Missouri’s State Auditor, Claire came to the Senate with extensive experience targeting government waste and mismanagement and an eye to root out waste, fraud and abuse at the federal level.

    It appears that politics just SUCKS that personal responsibility right out of you? I’ve already read the comments on the Huff Po story. It seems she should be forgiven because she paid up. WOW – no liberal seems to understand that the paying up was only done after being exposed. I’m glad that I’m from Missouri and get to vote on this one!

  3. It’s amazing how quickly she’s fallen. In 2009, Claire handled the Tea Party protests against ObamaCare better than any Dem in Congress. Today, she can’t do anything right.

    You can fool some of the people all of the time . . .

    1. Claire McCaskill did not handle any protests well. She was condescending, dictatorial and disrespectful to those that pay for her salary, her private plane, her bills and her fraudulent activity. She is a fraudulent liar and cheat, imagine that! That’s why I didn’t vote, nope, never will. BRING ON ED!

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