Blockin’ Rockin’

“The web site you are trying to reach may not be appropriate.”

“The Website has a current rating of Suspicious.”


It turns out your humble blogger has been found to be “Suspicious” by a major Department of the Federal Government. The total 2011 budget request for this department was over $15 Billion.

The person who forwarded this issue to me asked me not to reveal the name of the Department, a Picture of the Web Page that is displayed when they try to access my blog, or the Full Text of the page.  But their Web Gateway Software and/or Content Blocking Software has deemed my site as “Suspicious”.

The page that is displayed does give the user an opportunity to “Submit A Site For Review” to determine if the site is classified incorrectly.  But, if I was that employee, there would be no chance that I’d endanger my job by submitting a site that had been deemed “Suspicious”… …especially if it was a site at odds with the current administration and the Global Warming Agenda.

I wonder what the Federal Government finds “Suspicious” about my site?  Is it my rants against Big Government?  Is it that fact that OBAMA is the largest in my Word Cloud?  Is it the Cartoons from Tom Langlitz?  Discussion of true science on Global Warming and “The Chilling Stars” book?  Conservative?  Libertarian?

And, I’m curious if the Huffington Post,, and are blocked.  How about,, or

I hope to find more information on why my site was deemed “Suspicious” …so I can keep up the good work!  I hope by mentioning the sites of my friends that they don’t find themselves deemed “Suspicious”.

If you are inside the Federal Government, I hope you have enjoyed my posts.  This may be the last you see of them.

2 responses to “Blockin’ Rockin’”

  1. Wear it as a badge of honor my friend

  2. Block has been removed as of 3/31/11

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