Another Employment Measure

Last week, the Federal Government announced the Unemployment Rate of 8.8% for March with 216,000 new jobs.  My question is always related to how many people quit looking for a job or fell off the Unemployment roles.  We all know that the true Unemployment Rate is much higher in the 15-17% range.

This month, my curiosity about the real picture of Employment focused on the number of employed.  I planned to visit the Bureau Of Labor Statistics site to gather the information, but lo-and-behold, the folks at had already built the chart:

US Employment in Millions (h/t

Below is the same Bureau Of Labor Statistics data with Percentage Change in Employment (YoY):

A few dates are highlighted above:

  • January 2007 – Democrats took over the Congress
  • October 2008 – TARP signed into law
  • January 2009 – Obama was inaugurated

You can glean what you want from this data — certainly the recent increase in the number of employed — but the Year-Over-Year (YoY) increase in employment during the Bush years really stands out!

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  2. It is always about what they DO NOT say, just as our push against tyranny does not always show proof of what has NOT happened.
    (And don’t you just love WordPress? This is one of their very best templates!)

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