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Free Enterprise Prevails In Cape Girardeau

The do-gooders couldn’t beat common sense in Cape Girardeau in today’s election.  Private businesses will still be allowed to decide for themselves what’s the best policy for the use of a completely legal product at their locations.

In a stunner, with the pro-smoking-ban lobby outspending 10-to-1, the people of Cape Girardeau voted for Free Enterprise and to allow PRIVATE BUSINESSES to determine what their cigarette, pipe, and cigar smoking policies will be.  Unofficial results as of 8:51pm show the ban failing 47% to 52%.


Yes, smoking is a disgusting filthy dangerous deadly habit.  Having smoked for 28 years and finally quitting after several tries and methodologies, I am keenly aware of the affect smoking can have on health, family, friends, business, and life.

But, the bottom line, it is a product that is legal for sale and use.  And, the business owner is the only one who has the right to determine whether or not the use of a given legal product will be allowed.

Yes do-gooders; I’m sure you’ll be back another day to tell them how to run their businesses and that somehow non-smokers have a right to tell other customers how to behave.  But for today, free enterprise prevails in Cape Girardeau!

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