Koster Kicks-Off MO Atty General Campaign

Attorney General Chris Koster kicked off his 2012 campaign as the incumbent for the Missouri Attorney General job…

…I mean…

“Attorney General Chris Koster begrudginly filed a federal appeals court document in support of a lawsuit brought by Florida and 25 other states challenging the constitutionality of the federal health care law enacted by President Barack Obama last year.”

h/t mopns.com

The only way this makes sense is that his pre-election polling has determined that he won’t keep his seat unless he joins the suit against ObamaCare.

Ya think?

  • Countless Missourians have called and written begging him to join the suit.
  • The Missouri Legislature passed a resolution asking him to join the suit
  • Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder filed his own suit
  • Missourians overwhelmingly passed the Healthcare Freedom Act in August 2010

…and NOW, Chris Koster has decided to join in?!?!  Is it just me?  Or, is anyone else suspect of his timing here?

Okay, Mr. Koster, if you’ve decided that you DO believe in the U.S. Constitution, how about filling suit against the 4th-amendment-busting-sexual-assault going on daily at Lambert and Kansas City Airports?  Have you not noticed that’s unconstitutional too?

h/t komonews.com


Considering some text from the rest of the story, I feel his support is pretty halfhearted:

“He also said mandates for certain businesses to provide insurance to their employees would be allowed under the Constitution’s power for Congress to regulate commerce.

Koster also outlined several alternatives under which the insurance mandate could be upheld — though he described them as challenging interpretations. Those include allowing states to opt in or out of the federal health care law, upholding the penalty under Congress’ power to levy taxes or allowing an exception to the historical understanding of the commerce clause restrictions that is narrowly tailored for health care.”

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