Klassy: Carnahan Drops The F-Bomb on Clay

Russ Carnahan


Politico reports from a “source” in its daily Huddle that Congressman Russ Carnahan had the choice words for Congressman Lacy Clay as they passed each other on the House Floor two weeks ago:

Clay’s crime: He wouldn’t push Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon to veto a Republican-drawn remap of the state’s congressional districts that would pit Clay, who is black, against Carnahan, who is white, in a heavily African-American district in St. Louis. To add insult to injury, Clay and Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Emmanuel Cleaver, who would end up with a more Democratic Kansas City-based district, had stopped taking Carnahan’s calls on the matter.

It’s stunning to me that Carnahan would think he had a chance in heavily Conservative Missouri where the exodus from Democrat stronghold St. Louis played a big part in the reduction in the number of Representatives.

But, thanks for stayin’ klassy!

h/t Politico Huddle - 20110419

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