Democrats And Obama Want To Kill Old People

The latest meme of the Obama perpetual presidential campaign is that Republicans want to get rid of Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid… …and kill old people.

That campaign slogan is scary and it works.  Polls are abounding that 70% of Americans don’t want Congress to reduce benefits of the Big 3.

Yet, there is not one Republican proposal that affects anyone currently on those programs.  As a matter of fact, the Ryan Budget Proposal gives Americans the SAME health care options enjoyed by Federal Government Workers and only people under 57 (or 50 depending on the plan) will be affected by the changes Ryan proposes.

The only plan that does kill old people is the Democrats lack of change to the 3rd rail of politics. More-of-the-same will ensure that seniors will die when the country can no longer pay for their entitlements.  You cannot pay for the $100 Trillion in unfunded entitlements with an Eat The Rich campaign!  Period.


But, as usual, the Republicans don’t get it and are losing the messaging campaign.  So, here are three tag lines that Tea Partiers, Republicans and Conservatives can/must use:

  • Democrats and Obama Want To Kill Old People
  • GOP Pushes To Give Seniors Same Retirement As Federal Workers
  • Conservative Plan Will Save Your Retirement (from Democrats)

Of course, you need to have the facts to discuss the issue when questioned, but it’s in the 1st 10 words that the message gets out.  A paragraph of explanation is lost in the haze of Car Pools, Lunch Plans, and Gas Price Worry.

And, the important part?  Tea Partiers, Republicans and Conservatives can/must drive home these consistent themes every time they get in front of a crowd, camera, microphone, or computer.

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