McCaskill Sides With More Energy Tax Increases

In Claire McCaskill’s most recent mailing to her subscribers list, she joins the latest Democrat attack on business — this time against the Big Oil companies:


At a time when Americans are already suffering from the increase in gas prices, the Democrats’ answer is not to find ways increase the supply of Oil and Gasoline (which will reduce prices); no, their answer is to increase taxes.  If you haven’t figured it out, McCaskill and Obama are tried and true tax-and-spend liberals!

After Obama’s 2011 State-Of-The-Union address, the liberals were re-re-repeating his call to end the oil subsidies.  And, I asked them over and over again, why the Democrats didn’t repeal the subsidies when they had full control of the House, Senate and Oval Office.

And, now when the prices have by design increased to an average $4.00 / gallon, they scream for more taxes on the evil big oil corporations!  Problem is; corporations don’t pay taxes.  There, I said it.  CORPORATIONS DON’T PAY TAXES!  There is no magical corporate tax-paying fairy.  All money that a corporation pays to the government in taxes comes from their customers.  Taxing corporations is just another hidden tax on you and me.

So, thanks Claire.  In the face of a rough economy, spiraling food and commodity prices, and spiking gasoline prices, your answer is to tax us more.

Thanks for nothing.

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