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Run, For-Russ! Run!

For-Russ Gump Carnahan has been sending out the end-of-quarter e-mails over the past few days to bolster his campaign war-chest.  In his e-mail campaign, he tells us he is running for… …well, he doesn’t tell us.  I can only guess he’s running for Congress.

But where?

I went to his web site to find that he’s, I guess, running for Missouri’s 3rd U.S. Congressional District… …in the ‘Way-Back Machine’.  The 3rd District looks quite a bit like a district… …that no longer exists!

Well, before you ‘Join the Carnahan Crew’, you might want to ‘Get The Facts’ about the Congressional Seat for which Carnahan is running.  You certainly wont find out on his web site, and there are no links to a campaign site in his e-mail.

Maybe he just wants more of your money for brother Tom.

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Absolutely NO!

The advent of the Tea Party Movement and the November 2010 Election were a clear repudiation of the past 43 years of enslaving our children and grandchildren to the current greed of those on the government dole!

It was a repudiation of the ‘kick the can down the road’ mentality in Washington, DC.

1968 was the last year that Congress and the Presidents actually spent less than they collected.  Since… …they’ve proven for 43 years that they can do two things:

  • Collect Taxes
  • Spend Money

What they’ve proven they can’t do is… …live within their means.

But, in the current debt limit debate, for spending to be cut, Democrats are expecting that tax increases revenue enhancements.

Republicans, you’ve heard of the Tea Party, and you know the results of the November 2010 elections.  So, let me answer these questions for you:

Should we raise our debt limit?  …ABSOLUTELY NO!! Not without a Balanced Budget Amendment.


Should we increase taxes?  …ABSOLUTELY NO!! Not without a Balanced Budget Amendment.


h/t Geraldine In A Bottle

Congress, we know you can spend money.  Before you raise one tax, you will show us that you can be responsible stewards of our labor.




Senator Crowell: On The Missouri State Budget

By Missouri State Senator Jason Crowell (

Missouri’s State Budget

We must Stop Balancing the Budget on the

Backs of our Children through Education Cuts

As headline after headline in the news is dominated with stories on government’s excessive spending and its rising deficits, I, like many across Missouri am concerned with Missouri’s long-term financial well being.  The question becomes, do we want to make the decisions now to fix the problem or ignore it and be destroyed by it in the future.

I believe our current budget situation has developed in large part because the politicians in Jefferson City have forgotten that they won an election to lead today by making decisions but instead have chose to focus on their next election by catering to special interests and campaign contributors.  The past few years gave plenty of warning that it was time for the state to live within its means.  In 2009, Missouri saw a revenue decline of -6.9% ($585 million) followed with another revenue decline in 2010 of -9.1% ($676 million).  And through May 2011 state revenue has grown only 2.6%.  The problem with this growth is that when spending your money, the General Assembly spent expecting 3.6% growth or $70 million more than they really had.

As revenues have dropped, the politicians have failed to lead and make the decisions to balance Missouri’s budget, instead, opting to push the looming budget deficit off to the future.  The past two years the General Assembly has passed budgets built on hundreds of millions of one-time federal stabilization and stimulus dollars, which are now gone.  And while maintaining inflated state spending levels using one-time federal bailout dollars, the state still spent more than it had because revenues decreased below estimates.  By spending more money than it had, the budget has been out of balance forcing Governor Nixon to withhold dollars from vital state programs, specifically from education.

So, even though history gave politicians a clear indication of what was to come, the General Assembly again this year decided to put off decision making.  This year, the General Assembly passed a $23.2 billion budget which includes $400 million in one-time federal stabilization funds.  The budget also assumes that state revenues will grow at 4% next year, which is $70 million more than Missouri’s revenues have historically grown.  If Missouri does not exceed its historical pattern of growth, the Governor will at the very least have to withhold or veto $154 million just to balance the out of balance budget politicians gave him.

The out of balance budget became real two weeks ago when Governor Nixon was forced to withhold and veto $57 million from what the General Assembly appropriated.  Unfortunately, because the General Assembly failed to address Missouri’s budget shortfalls this year, the Governor chose to balance the budget through cuts and withholds to education.  Because politicians failed to act, Missouri students will face steeper tuition and fees for higher education.  K-12 schools, which are already facing budget short falls because politicians did not fully fund the foundation formula, also will now have to cut classroom dollars to transport students to and from school.

Missouri’s day of reckoning will come when the General Assembly works to pass next year’s budget.  This year’s budget used $155 million from last year to spend in this year and will not be available next year.  And based on recent history, Senate Appropriations expects mandatory expenses to increase approximately $200 million for the next year’s budget.  These factors combine to create a forecasted budget gap next year of approximately $755 million.

Liberals in the state and even some Republicans believe we have a “revenue crisis” and as Representative Mary Still (D-Columbia) laid out in a recent op-ed in the Columbia Tribune, their solution is to raise cigarette, internet sales, business, and personal taxes.  Calling for tax increases is wrong.  The problem is not that Missouri’s politicians do not have enough of your money to spend; the problem is they have lacked the courage to prioritize where to use your limited resources and cut spending in other areas, like curbing the redistribution of wealth through state authorized tax credits.

Over the next few weeks I will share with you how we got to this point and then present the opportunities leaders in Jefferson City have to reform government so that it lives within its means.  We shouldn’t and don’t have to raise taxes; we shouldn’t and don’t have to go into debt and bond; and we shouldn’t and don’t have to tap the state’s rainy day fund.  Now is the time for true leaders to take a long look at where we are, where we are headed, and what must be done to ensure that your tax dollars are used effectively and efficiently.  If politicians are serious about putting education first, this series will lay out what we still need to do to protect our children’s future.

Missouri, 49 other states, and the Federal Government must stop budgeting based on these pie-in-the-sky growth assumptions. A budget built on conservative estimates will breed greater citizen satisfaction and reduce the number of times our Representatives must anger their constituents when cutting back to revenue reality.

Senator Jason Crowell represents the 27th District of Missouri covering all (or portions) of Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Madison, Mississippi, Perry and Scott counties.



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Missouri’s Republic Is Under Attack

The bags of money at the Humane Society of the United States (H$U$) are again attacking Missouri’s voters with a feel-good Constitutional Amendment that will undermine our republican system of government.

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to prohibit the repeal or amendment by the General Assembly of a statute enacted by citizen initiative passed by the voters of Missouri, except by either a three-fourths vote of the members of each house or a vote of the people through a referendum or unless such statute explicitly provides that the general assembly may repeal or amend it by a majority vote of the members of each house?

The proposal is estimated to result in no direct costs or savings to state and local governmental entities.

Why is the Washington-based H$U$ nosing back into Missouri?  Because after they successfully got 51.6% of mostly uninformed Missouri voters to vote for their Puppy Mill Prevention Breeder Bankruptcy Act, the Missouri Legislature debated, deliberated, and passed legislation to clean up the mess left behind.  Prop B reduced the number of required daily feedings from two to one; increased space requirements beyond USDA regulations to force breeders out of business; unconstitutionally limited the number of dogs that could be bred; arbitrarily increased the number of breeding dogs before licensing is required from 3 to 10; likely cause the destruction of 86,000 dogs… …and did not fund any of it.  Missouri’s representatives and a Democratic governor wisely enacted legislation to sweep up the debris.

Now, the H$U$ is back.  They’re paying to get the Orwellian named “Your Vote Counts” act on the ballot, and it will do just the opposite of making your vote count.  It will take away the power of your vote and enact ‘mob rule’.  Mob rule, or true democracy, is two wolves and a sheep voting to decide what they will have for dinner.


Under Missouri’s constitution, we elect Representatives to vote and enact the laws we follow.  We have the Citizens Initiative Petition (CIP) to allow for voters to enact legislation when the Legislature won’t act.

“If approved by voters in November 2012, the initiative would mandate protections for future citizen initiatives — the Legislature would no longer be able to undo the will of the people without mustering a three-fourths majority.”

How much of a voice do you feel you have in U.S. Senator elections?  Ever get a real, personal reply to one of your e-mails or letters?  Well, that’s how you’ll feel when you disagree with the latest CIPs enacted w/ 50% +1 of the vote and funded by deep pockets from out-of-state.

You won’t be able to go to your local legislator, make a cogent argument, and get them to work with other representatives to enact corrective legislation.

Do you feel like you have more of a voice with your Missouri Representative and Senator?  Well, you do.  I regularly get direct personal replies from Donna Lichtenegger and Jason Crowell.

But, when an H$U$ backed initiative gets passed that will cause the destruction of 86,000 dogs, not one Representative or Senator would waste any time trying to save them.

Their October 2010 advertising hid the facts above and promoted a fallacy that Missouri didn’t have laws to protect dogs when there are laws and 22 pages of regulations for dog breeders.  What will they hide when they start advertising for 2012.

From the article, the strange bedfellows of backers are:

Direct Contribution:
$25,000 HSUS

In-Kind Contributation
$47,214 Total
$39,957 HSUS
$7,257, Citizens in Charge

Best Friends Animal Society
Stop Child Predators
Americans for Tax Reform
National Taxpayers Union


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Rip Off The Band-Aid

Irony of Ironies.  In Puerto Rico, where the President hopes to garner favoritism with Latinos, they soundly reject his big government policies.  John Stossel, my emerging hero, interviewed the the governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuno.

Fortuno, faced with debt of 70% of GDP and one in three workers employed by the government, did what Tea Partiers know that America must do: Rip Off The Band-Aid.


After firing 17,000 government workers, lowering taxes, and privatizing government agencies, and massive spending cuts (including the governor’s salary), thousands of union members demonstrated against Fortuno for days, clashed with police, and called Fortuno a fascist.

The result?

“…Fortuno had already cut approximately 17,000 government employees off the payroll, which did make the initial unemployment numbers increase somewhat, but long-term Puerto Rico will be able to balance it’s budget while cutting taxes at the same time.”

“Today, Puerto Rico is well on their way to increasing business and tourism, which then translates into more tax revenue for the government to operate with.”

In America?

Self proclaimed Conservative Senators still haven’t got the message — even after signing the Tea Party Treaty.  It’s time to rip off the Band-Aid in America — starting with the Department of Educations continuing with the Department of Energy and including Ethanol Subsidies.  Did Roy Blunt forget where he laid his signature?  Maybe.

Senator Coburn’s amendment to stop ethanol subsidies failed in the Senate this week and both Missouri Senators voted to kill the amendment.  Mr. Blunt, a good rule of thumb: Voting with Claire McCaskill is a vote against what’s best for America.

Rip off the Band-Aid Mr. Blunt.  That’s why you were hired.  We may not like the pain, but America needs it!



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Whining Diamond

The irony of Peter Diamond whining in the New York Times about the fact that his Nobel Prize (Economics) isn’t good enough to get him a Fed Governorship is too rich to pass up in light of the Obama Nobel Peace Prize and the Afghanistan Troop Surge, almost daily bombing of Pakistan, 3rd Middle East War in Libya, AND the ‘Open’ sign still flashing at Guantanamo.

Mr. Diamond thinks that the selection by the grand wizards at the Nobel committee should make him a shoo-in for a governorship.






LAST October, I won the Nobel Prize in economics for my work on unemployment and the labor market. But I am unqualified to serve on the board of the Federal Reserve — at least according to the Republican senators who have blocked my nomination. How can this be?

Sir, apparently you haven’t noticed that most Americans, let alone Congress, don’t think the Nobel Prize is worth the paper it’s written on.  Politics.  Pure Politics.

“How can this be?” you ask.  According to Freedom Works and Senator Shelby:

  • In the face of rising oil and food prices, Diamond has expressed no real concern over inflation.
  • Diamond has a strong Keynesian tendency to support policies that rely on government intervention rather than the private sector
  • He has continued to advocate for additional Federal “stimulus” and more bailouts of state governments.
  • Diamond has urged Congress to extend unemployment benefits and raise taxes to supposedly boost job growth.
  • Diamond alleges that the federal government could achieve universal health care coverage simply by assigning people to groups based solely on where they live.
  • He supports the use of behavioral economics to help bureaucrats more effectively control the choices Americans make.

Mr. Diamond, thank you for withdrawing your name from consideration.  People who want to “control the choices Americans make” are not welcome in Congress or the Federal Reserve.  Good luck with your continued career at M.I.T; the Rockin’ Conservative hopes you’ll soon retire to you favorite fishing pond.

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Can’t Even Read Guitar World!

I was paging through Guitar World Magazine yesterday looking for an example of a 24-Fret Gibson SG with a cherry finish, Rhodes Whammy, and Grover Tuners… …and what do I find?  I find that I can’t even read Guitar World without witnessing another attack on the Tea Party.

I had never heard of a Rocktron Hush Pedal, so I read its description to see that even the Guitar World writer jumps in with a leftist attack on the Tea Party (obviously with editor approval):

Apparently, Guitar World thinks only a bunch of left-wing unemployed Nancy Pelosi ObamCare loving artists subscribe to their magazine.

Too bad, because there are plenty of Tea Party Patriots that play guitar, and I’m sure many subscribe to their magazine.  Like me, many probably only have time to review the 5 songs and a couple of articles.  And, like me, they will have now heard of where they can go and find FANTASTIC tabs for most of the songs they’d like to play… …without enduring an attack on their beliefs.

So, we can thank Guitar World for yet another veiled racist attack on the Tea Partiers with your “white noise” comment.  Yes, we know; we get it.  Your meme continues. You think we don’t have enough black people at our rallies, so we are racist.  Ha ha ha.  Funny. We get it. And, you tell us the poor misguided black people that do show up are, well, brainwashed, uninformed, and Uncle Tom’s.

And, of course, most importantly, if Barack Obama were white, those at the Tea Party would be all for his Tax and Spend Liberal Democrat Policies, because, you know, we are only there because we are RACIST!


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Mr. Potatohead! Mr. POTATOHEAD! Back Doors Are NOT Secrets!

It’s nice to see folks like Ronald Reagan and Fred Thompson make a go at politics after long and successful acting careers.  And, it’s a little known fact that Anthony Weiner had a small, but important, role in the movie WarGames!

And, as it turns out, Weiner probably should have spent more time considering the relevance of the scene on his life in politics… …and underwear!


Will Malvin’s fretting about back-doors be Weiner’s next excuse for how the hacker got into his computer system and forwarded a picture from HIS yfrog account?  Are there other back-door euphemisms waiting to be exposed on Weiner’s laptop?

I don’t think we’ve had a more crystal clear example of a politician caught, literally, with his pants down… …and lying, gaming, and obfuscating his way through the media circus.  Even Bill Clinton’s assertion that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman” had more believability than Weinergate.  Senator Larry Craig’s assertion that “I am not gay; I have never been gay” has more credibility.

This is so bad that even CNN is asking tough questions.  When a liberal like Weiner is getting something other than softball questions from CNN, you know it’s bad!

Give it up Weiner; the IP Address of your computer is going to be undoing of your game and career.

h/t The Funeral Guy

(H/T Actor Eddie Deezen)

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H$U$ In Joplin?

Along with the disaster in Joplin, MO, Missourians are cleaning up the Proposition B mess left behind by The Humane Society of the United States.  But now, H$U$ has decided to join in the politicization of the tragedy in Joplin, MO by purchasing an ad in the Tweetdeck timeline for the hash-tag #Joplin.

If you don’t use Tweetdeck, companies / groups / individuals can purchase advertising to remain at the top of a column as other tweets go by.  The “Promoted by HSUS” message in yellow is the indicator that the ad was placed there.

How much is H$U$ spending to actually help animals in the Joplin area?  If past history is any indicator, they will spend 99% on themselves, advertising and fundraising… …and 1% on the animals.

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