Can’t Even Read Guitar World!

I was paging through Guitar World Magazine yesterday looking for an example of a 24-Fret Gibson SG with a cherry finish, Rhodes Whammy, and Grover Tuners… …and what do I find?  I find that I can’t even read Guitar World without witnessing another attack on the Tea Party.

I had never heard of a Rocktron Hush Pedal, so I read its description to see that even the Guitar World writer jumps in with a leftist attack on the Tea Party (obviously with editor approval):

Apparently, Guitar World thinks only a bunch of left-wing unemployed Nancy Pelosi ObamCare loving artists subscribe to their magazine.

Too bad, because there are plenty of Tea Party Patriots that play guitar, and I’m sure many subscribe to their magazine.  Like me, many probably only have time to review the 5 songs and a couple of articles.  And, like me, they will have now heard of where they can go and find FANTASTIC tabs for most of the songs they’d like to play… …without enduring an attack on their beliefs.

So, we can thank Guitar World for yet another veiled racist attack on the Tea Partiers with your “white noise” comment.  Yes, we know; we get it.  Your meme continues. You think we don’t have enough black people at our rallies, so we are racist.  Ha ha ha.  Funny. We get it. And, you tell us the poor misguided black people that do show up are, well, brainwashed, uninformed, and Uncle Tom’s.

And, of course, most importantly, if Barack Obama were white, those at the Tea Party would be all for his Tax and Spend Liberal Democrat Policies, because, you know, we are only there because we are RACIST!

3 responses to “Can’t Even Read Guitar World!”

  1. so, did you cancel your subscription?

  2. Your loss Bollman…Too bad I can’t unsubscribe to the noise the Tea Baggers make…it gets old and it is b.s. Geddy Lee and the boys would be horrified by you.

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