Whining Diamond

The irony of Peter Diamond whining in the New York Times about the fact that his Nobel Prize (Economics) isn’t good enough to get him a Fed Governorship is too rich to pass up in light of the Obama Nobel Peace Prize and the Afghanistan Troop Surge, almost daily bombing of Pakistan, 3rd Middle East War in Libya, AND the ‘Open’ sign still flashing at Guantanamo.

Mr. Diamond thinks that the selection by the grand wizards at the Nobel committee should make him a shoo-in for a governorship.






LAST October, I won the Nobel Prize in economics for my work on unemployment and the labor market. But I am unqualified to serve on the board of the Federal Reserve — at least according to the Republican senators who have blocked my nomination. How can this be?

Sir, apparently you haven’t noticed that most Americans, let alone Congress, don’t think the Nobel Prize is worth the paper it’s written on.  Politics.  Pure Politics.

“How can this be?” you ask.  According to Freedom Works and Senator Shelby:

  • In the face of rising oil and food prices, Diamond has expressed no real concern over inflation.
  • Diamond has a strong Keynesian tendency to support policies that rely on government intervention rather than the private sector
  • He has continued to advocate for additional Federal “stimulus” and more bailouts of state governments.
  • Diamond has urged Congress to extend unemployment benefits and raise taxes to supposedly boost job growth.
  • Diamond alleges that the federal government could achieve universal health care coverage simply by assigning people to groups based solely on where they live.
  • He supports the use of behavioral economics to help bureaucrats more effectively control the choices Americans make.

Mr. Diamond, thank you for withdrawing your name from consideration.  People who want to “control the choices Americans make” are not welcome in Congress or the Federal Reserve.  Good luck with your continued career at M.I.T; the Rockin’ Conservative hopes you’ll soon retire to you favorite fishing pond.

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