Absolutely NO!

The advent of the Tea Party Movement and the November 2010 Election were a clear repudiation of the past 43 years of enslaving our children and grandchildren to the current greed of those on the government dole!

It was a repudiation of the ‘kick the can down the road’ mentality in Washington, DC.

1968 was the last year that Congress and the Presidents actually spent less than they collected.  Since… …they’ve proven for 43 years that they can do two things:

  • Collect Taxes
  • Spend Money

What they’ve proven they can’t do is… …live within their means.

But, in the current debt limit debate, for spending to be cut, Democrats are expecting that tax increases revenue enhancements.

Republicans, you’ve heard of the Tea Party, and you know the results of the November 2010 elections.  So, let me answer these questions for you:

Should we raise our debt limit?  …ABSOLUTELY NO!! Not without a Balanced Budget Amendment.


Should we increase taxes?  …ABSOLUTELY NO!! Not without a Balanced Budget Amendment.


h/t Geraldine In A Bottle

Congress, we know you can spend money.  Before you raise one tax, you will show us that you can be responsible stewards of our labor.


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