St. Louis Post Dispatch: 2011 Homicide Map

27 Jul

The St. Louis Post Dispatch is updating a St. Louis Area Google Map with the homicides for 2011.  A quick search found the map for 2010 as well.  55 homicides have occurred as of June 2011; however, that is 7 less than the 1st half of 2010 according to St. Louis Police.

Check the interactive map to see how dangerous your neighborhood might be:

h/t St. Louis Post Dispatch



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One response to “St. Louis Post Dispatch: 2011 Homicide Map

  1. proconserv

    July 28, 2011 at 8:32 am

    Imagine that, most of them are in St. Louis in predominantly black neighborhoods. I wonder how they’ll try to blame white people for their barbaric ways of life. I did at one time live in South St. Louis when it was mostly white and we had very little crime other than a few stolen Christmas lights or an occasional stolen car. Oh, how times have changed! People won’t tell the truth, but the truth is that when you have black people that want to blame their poor, fatherless, drug induced, violent behavior on white society, they never dig their way out. They keep living on the government dole and whether or not they believe it, they are still beholden to the rich politicians and scam artists in both local government and Washington for their pitiful welfare, food stamp, Medicaid lives. Too bad for the blacks who never learn that they can keep on whining and no one’s listening. Most of the money that held up the city and their neighborhoods is gone, gone with the white people out to the rural areas where it’s beautiful, peaceful and all you hear are birds singing instead of the gun blasts they hear when they’re hiding under their kitchen tables hoping they won’t be shot. They have definitely condemned their own children to lives on the drug infested, gang ridden streets where many of them will either commit a crime by the time they’re ten years of age or they’ll be shot sitting on their front porch. My children will grow up safe and sound with a good education and a loving family. That is the differences between white people that are smart and vacated the run down neighborhoods while rip off artist Democrat politicians like Mayor Bosley were robbing the city of millions dollars and the blacks that moved into those same run down neighborhoods. Face it, when the whites move out and take their money with them, the neighborhood is gone!


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