A Mile Of Paper

Okay, it’s not a mile.  But after of few days of working, traveling, and consuming, I probably have 10 feet of receipts in my wallet!  However, technology has come to the rescue with the ‘Green Receipt’

More stores during the ‘back to school’ season are offering the requirement option of having the receipt e-mailed to you.  Sure, it’s a nice option, that could reduce the amount of paper that is printed… …assuming you don’t print it (even more wastefully) at home.

A better solution?h/t http://consumerist.com/

STOP GIVING ME A FOOT AND A HALF OF RECEIPT when I buy one simple item at your store!  Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart are some of the WORST offenders!!  I only need to know date, store, address, items purchased, tax information, and totals.

The rest is a Greenie’s nightmare about an assault on Mother Earth.

I don’t want to fill out your survey, use your coupon, register for more coupons, or receive e-mails from your store.  If I wanted to do that, I would do that.  I don’t need miles of receipts to beg me to do it.

Want to go green?  Make it the shortest receipt possible.

Oh, it would help if the ink didn’t fade off after a couple of weeks… …but I digress

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