Dodd-Frank Bares Its Ugly Head

My son heads off for college this Saturday, and yesterday we visited the Regions bank in Jackson, MO to open a new checking account with debit card.  As we were going through the process, Jessica, the personal banker warned us about the impending $4.00 per month service charge that Visa would be adding to our bill starting in October 2011.

The service charge will be added if, during a given month, I use my Debit Card for a general purchase at Wal-Mart, the Gas Station, or at a local Restaurant.  I do that practically every day.

Why the new service charge? The costs incurred because of the Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation Bill.

Gee.  Thanks guys.



Two men that should be in jail for the Countrywide and Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac scandals created 2,319 pages of legislation that does nothing to protect America from the real causes of the 2008 financial meltdown.

No one has gone to jail; no one has lost their jobs; all the bankers are getting their massive bonuses.

But, you and I, we get to pay more account fees and service charges.

Bend over America; it’s just another way the Democrats and Obama have screwed you!


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