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Elected Republicans: Change This Talking-Point!

Republicans are standing firm on their pledge not to raise taxes.  Tea Party Members and Conservatives appreciate that continued effort.  But the talking-point needs to better reflect the reality of the Republican, Tea Party and Conservative position.

When asked why Republicans won’t raise taxes, the answer (the talking-point) is this:

The Federal Government has proven that it can collect taxes and spend.  What it hasn’t proven is that it can cut spending and live within the confines of the U.S. Constitution.  And, to that end, until we (Republicans / Tea Partiers / Conservatives) see that entire Programs, Departments and Salaries have been cut / removed from the Federal Register, WE WILL NOT CONSIDER RAISING ANY TAXES.  Only then will we have proof that the Democrats are serious about cutting spending.

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The statement is simple and to the point.  It absolutely destroys the canard that Republicans are protecting the tax breaks.of Big Business, Corporate Jet Owners, and Wall Street.

Leaving the discussion at “We won’t raise taxes during a Recession” or at “We won’t raise taxes on Job Creators” leaves too much room for Leftists Pundits to attack.

(FWIW, only the ignorant and uninformed still believe that Big Business / Wall Street give most of their donations to Republicans anyway; but I digress)

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