22,727,272,727 Stamps

Too. Many. Jokes. Must. Mock. McCaskill.

Yes, with leadership like this, potential Missouri Senatorial Candidates must be squirming in their campaign-seats at the thought of coming up against Air Claire in the 2012 Election.

On Tuesday, Claire McCaskill offered the U.S. Postmaster General some sage advice on how to stem the tide of financial devastation ebbing on the Post Offices’ beachhead — A Marketing Campaign To Get People To Write Letters.

Ignore the communications advances of the last 30 years — e-mails, text messages, fax, on-line document sharing, video-conference, cell-phone — let’s get the folks to go to the store, buy paper, buy envelopes, buy pens, buy pencils, go to the post office, buy stamps, sit down, write letters of love and caring to our friends and family.

THAT! will save the Post Office.

Too rich for the (generally liberal) Jon Stewart to pass up (@3:51):

h/t rackjite.com

But why stop there Claire? All this technology stuff 2day has caused downturns outside of the Postal Window.  Envelope Companies, Stationery Companies, Pen Makers could all use some help from the wisdom of you in the Congress as well!

I’ve even heard that the manufacturers of buggy whips might be having some financial trouble.

Sadly though, Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe reported that such a campaign to get people to write more letters is in the works.  Thanks goodness for that, because we will only need the American People to buy an 22,727,272,727 Postage Stamps to offset the $10B that the Postal Service is projected to lose this year.  Every man, woman and child in the U.S. would have to buy 75 stamps (and not use them) to allow them to break even.

Can ANYONE in the Federal Government come up with an idea that actually REDUCES COSTS instead of just throwing more money at a problem — Claire McCaskill and Patrick R. Donahoe can’t.

2 responses to “22,727,272,727 Stamps”

  1. Clair McCaskill, like most Democrats, loves anything that the Government controls.

  2. The only reason the Postal Service still exists is the guarantee of sanctity of 1st class mail under Title XVIII. Most people still write checks and stick them in envelopes to pay their bills. When the banks and credit carriers move to an all electronic payment system, we are out of here. That leaves the old last mile problem. Short term, the USPS needs to change it’s business model with a two tier delivery system or else sell off the bulk rate and nonprofit 3rd class mail operations: Any takers? What remains would require subsidy, but the Post Office would be much smaller. Over my career, it has never been allowed to retain earnings when profitable, top heavy with redundant sadistic micromanagement and a vehicle for internal corporate style graft. They pay consultants a ton to tell the carriers they must juggle DPS letters and sort them on peoples door steps in blistering heat and pouring rains. Then there are the millions wasted on needless grievances over contract violations which nets the carriers penalty payments but does nothing to halt the violations of our rights and other forms of abuse by supervisors. The sad fact is, the people don’t get their mail on time because of this Dickensian horses**t. Citizens of the United States of America; the great organization that used to be Your Post Office Dept. is now a close held corporation chartered in Delaware and it’s certificates and all other legal documents are sealed against inspection by anyone. We don’t know who really owns us. But the people who run it are ruining it on purpose, just like “the one” is ruining everything else.

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