A Triumph Of The Free Market

In Cape Girardeau, Missouri, on April 5, 2011, the do-gooders once again knew better… …and that there needed to be a government-enforced ban on smoking in Cape’s restaurants and bars.  The do-gooders (aka liberals who assail freedom at every turn) were able to get a smoking-ban initiative on the Cape ballot and the vote ensued.

Activists like Dale Humphries were ‘reflective’ after hearing that Cape Girardeau voters rejected the ban by 52% to 48%.  Sadly, 48% of Cape Girardeau voters agree with the tyranny of mob mentality.

The Mayor was torn, but came down on the side of freedom:

Mayor Harry Rediger said Tuesday he had mixed feelings about the election results. He is not a smoker and understands that smoking is a health hazard, he said. But, in the end, his concerns about government interference were paramount.

“To me, this proposal overstepped its bounds,” he said. “It should, in my opinion, have been a business owner’s decision how it wants to treat its business.”

The result? Businesses were free to decide for themselves.  And, a few weeks ago, a business in Cape did just that.

As a Libertarian / Conservative, I was thrilled to see the local Pasta House Company restaurant make their own decision to enforce a smoking ban.  As a smoker, one knows they need to go to another business, such as Bella Italia, who currently allows smokers to enjoy a completely legal product.

This is the Free Market at work.  I praise the 52% of Cape Girardeau residents and the city leaders that believe in that Freedom.

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