Son Of Stimulus Tea Party

On October 4th, 2011, President Obama visited St. Louis to raise money and tout his Green Taxpayer Waste Jobs Bill Stimulus II.  He attended a fundraiser at the home of Stimulus I recipient Tom Carnahan – brother of Congressmen Russ Carnahan – who received $107,000,000 from Obama’s first stimulus.

Early in the evening, unhampered by Obama supporters, the evening was a typical respectable gathering of the St. Louis Tea Party:

Bill Hennessy got the Rally going:


Jim Hoft picked it up from there:


Craig Arnzen from the Mizzou College Republicans joined in on the fun:


And Jen Ennenbach, media liaison, batted cleanup:


The early part of the night was great… …it went downhill from there!

3 responses to “Son Of Stimulus Tea Party”

  1. Yep. Pretty much the story of my days in I.T.
    Except the Share never does work.

  2. OK tell us what went wrong….The early part of the night was great… …it went downhill from there!

    Why did it go downhill?

  3. When my son Lee was a tike I watched my wife as she laid the kitchen chairs on their sides. When I asked why she replied I don’t want lee to climb up and fall off. I replied let him climb and if he falls, he falls… its healthy for him to be curious and it’s important for him to learn on his own. By taking away his ability to explore, assess a situation and make decisions really in a way takes away learning to be responsible as well. As a parent I hate to see him get hurt but I would rather have Lee learn by “falling” off a chair where he may get scuffed than off the deck or some ledge where he could really get hurt. As my son grew older I became aware of more and more circumstances where well intended doo-gooders have deprived us of the right to learn our own life lessons. I began to think of the damage that this type of “help” has caused both on a micro and macro level over the years.

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