The Fallacial 9-9-9 Argument

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan has been attacked over and over again these past few weeks, and it certainly does deserve scrutiny.  However, there is this odd argument that ‘if we give Congress a sales tax of 9% to work with, they might raise it!!’

What a silly agument!

Can you show me the Constitutional authority that prevents the Congress from raising the current variety of taxes upon the wealth of our nation?


Obama and Congress have raised taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, home sales, HSA withdrawals.  They’ve added healthcare mandate tax, medicine cabinet tax, tanning tax, and reinstated the Death Tax.

Obama and the Congress in the past 3 years have created and raised all sorts of taxes.  Complaining that Herman Cain’s (actual existing) plan might do the same thing Congress has already done is tantamount to putting the dog outside after it already pissed and crapped on your carpet!

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