I’m The 1%

I own a business with earnings of $6.25 Billion per year.  I employ 4,992 production workers and 1,513 administrative personnel. There are 47 people in my corporation that make more than $1,000,000 per year.  The total St. Louis City payroll alone is $323 Million.  After expenses (including $423 Million in donations), the corporation pays $825 Million per year in Local, State, and Federal Taxes. I fly in a G5 Private Jet.  I drive a Maserati. I live in a 12,200sqft house that cost $3.2 Million to build.  I am the 1%.

I’ve watched outside my business offices and factories located in St. Louis Missouri, Oakland California, and Atlanta, Georgia as the so-called 99% have engaged in their Occupy Movements.  I’ve watched as all manner of illegal, criminal, and law-breaking activity has been committed in their encampments.  I have watched as the mayors of these cities have looked the other way, ignored the breaking of laws, and shirked their responsibility.

I watched as St. Louis representative of Mayor Slay, Jeff Rainford, sarcastically suggested that the Occupy Movement try to encamp in cities of Manchester, Ballwin, or Wentzville near to St. Louis (I think those were the three cities he listed).  Clearly, he was inferring that the law enforcement in such cities would not allow this law-breaking activity.

I’ve watched as all manner of elected Democrats – from freshmen House members and the DNC Party Chair to President Obama himself – have endorsed the criminal Occupy Wall Street movement and verbally thrashed the peaceful and respectful Tea Party movement.

h/t Brian Bollmann

Can you tell me why… …why in the world would I keep my business in St. Louis, Oakland, and Atlanta?  Why would I keep my business in the United States of America?  Why would I subject myself to this kind of abuse after working 16 hours a day for years to improve my lot in life?  Why would I assume that the mayors of these cities will enforce laws that protect me when they won’t enforce the laws that govern the use of their public spaces?  Why would I employ people in these cities when they are in danger of being harassed and injured as they come and go from their places of work?  Why would I endanger my family by living in these cities where I have no assurance that the mayors will prosecute protesters that trespass on my property or injure my family or property?


I want to take my business to Manchester, Ballwin, and Wentzville… …where Mr. Rainford tells me they enforce their laws.  I want to take my business to another country where me, my family, and my employees will be safe.

I’m the 1%; I have that choice.


8 responses to “I’m The 1%”

  1. If the 1% leave this country, who will pay the people not to work?

  2. Just wait till the city gets control of the police department, then they will be more responsible for laws they enforce… or not

  3. CultureVigilante Avatar

    Can’t disagree with a word written here. Very sad there is not more outrage from the other 99% who live by the rules and watched as the occupiers broken all the rules without consequence. Where is the outrage?

  4. I wonder about the outrage, too. And I keep hearing the OWS people say their movement is what’s going to change America. But I know that Tea Party people have gone into local politics, have continued the fight and are continuously active. I won’t be going down to “counter-protest” because I’m working. I’m volunteering and helping others. I’m reading and learning. I’m preparing. I had my outrage when we had the tea parties and got to yell “Yeah, I agree with you!” Now, I’m busy getting down to work, as I think and hope others are, too.

  5. I am probably just being dull but are you the author of this piece Brian?

  6. What part of civil dissobediance didn’t you get. I heard they spit on the sidewalk as well, probably should bring in the SWAT team for that kind of law breaking.

    Was that the peaceful and respectful Tea Party with the rediculous Tri Corner hats and the Obama as Hitler signs?

    Who has trespassed on your property or hurt anyone that you know from the Occupy Movement?

    Wait, let me get my violin out because you pretend to work 16 hrs a day. If you think you are being harrassed by Occupy can you imagine what your employees say about you?

    If your problem is that you see some folks trying to bring up issues and you don’t like the site of them, consider yourself lucky. And if you are that thin skinned and think that you are going to hold a gun to the city’s head then take your business elsewhere.

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