Version 1:

  • TARP isn’t going to cost the taxpayers anything.  As a matter of fact, the US Taxpayer will make money from this program

Version 2:

  • TARP is going to cost money, but it’s only $15 Billion.  But it saved or created lots of jobs and didn’t cost as much as it could have and if we hadn’t done it we would have had the Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Depression

Version 3 (out this week)

  • TARP is now going to cost at least $34 Billion and we hope that it won’t cost much more

Below is a graphic from the CBO detailing just how much money the taxpayer made lost in the TARP fiasco.  The program that saved us… ….socialized bank losses after giving billions in bonuses to their elite, has yet to see one person go to jail after costing taxpayers $5 Trillion in investments, and is on track to cost taxpayers at least $34 Billion instead of the purported ‘money made’.

Here is part of a graphic from the CBO describing the current status of the TARP.  Click on the image to view the entire graphic:

Here is the report on the status of TARP.

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