Warning! Freedom of Speech used below:

I continue to receive e-mails touting the wares of T-Shirt Hell. I absolutely support their freedom of speech.  They are a maker of classist, statist, left-wing ‘controversial’ t-shirts and selling them on the Interwares.  Granted, some are quite humorous.  Some are quite outrageous.

This month’s offering is a T-Shirt that is emblazoned with the logo “Christians Are Assholes”.  Fine, we get it.  It’s Christian Slater and some other guy named Christian.  Ha, ha, ha.  But, the swipe is clear.  And, yes, Christians are used to this kind of attack by the leftists. Believers and followers of Christ have shoulders broad enough to handle this latest assault.  However, I’m not writing to complain about this t-shirt.  I’m writing for a different reason.

I’m writing to say, “The owner of T-Shirt Hell, Aaron Landau Schwarz, is a Coward!”  Yes, you can quote me on that.

Aaron Landau Schwarz, who changed his name to Sunshine Megatron in 2001, is a COWARD!

The Christians are ‘easy-pickins’; why not be truly controversial?  If you are so edgy and oh so controversial, where are the ‘Atheists are Assholes’ t-shirt?  Where are the ‘Liberals are Assholes’ t-shirts?  Where are the ‘Hindus are Assholes’ t-shirts?  Where are the ‘Jews are Assholes’ t-shirts?

Well, I’m sure the Jewish t-shirt is on its way — they’ve got the same broad shoulders as the Christians.  Gotta be someone out there has the last name Joo. (Joos are Assholes).

But, most of all, where are the ‘Muslims are Assholes’ t-shirts?  How about the ‘Islams are Assholes’ t-shirts?  Huh?  Where are they, coward?  There are plenty of people and groups with ‘Islam’ in their names!  If you are the place ‘where all the bad t-shirts go’, then where are the ‘Islams are Assholes’ t-shirts?

Mr. Schwarz, if you are not willing to blast the Internet with your ‘Islams are Assholes’ t-shirt, then you are as yellow as Big Bird, spineless as a jellyfish, and as wimpy as a hamburger eating cheapskate.

Let’s see it; I triple-dog-dare-ya!


More information on T-Shirt Hell:

T-shirt hell was founded in 2001.  They are registered with who is also losing registrants at the speed of light due to their stance on SOPA.  Their registrant is (or because they are too cowardly to register it themselves. is giving out their coupons.  And, their offensive wares are being promoted by,, Facebook,, Yahoo,,,,,,, etc.

3 responses to “Coward!”

  1. Right on! All libs are cowards. Never heard a single negative word against Muslims. But then they are likely to kill their critics.

  2. How about “Hells Angels Bikers are assholes. or “Navy Seals are assholes.”

  3. And that my friends, is what as known in the non-believer community, as a shining example of “fatwah envy”.

    if that is over your simpleton head, then here it is in a nutshell. Jeebus is telling you to be nice, but you sure do envy those Muslim fundamentalists – they get the job done!

    The hypocrisy here is so delicious and deep I want to do the backstroke in it like Scrooge in a pile of coins.

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