It’s The Record, Stupid!

What’s different about the 2012 and 2008 primary at this point?  Unlike McCain, the Mainstream Media and the Establishment GOP aren’t the only one telling us to vote for a squishy moderate.  Ann Coulter, John Gibson, Brit Hume, all conservative, are saying the same thing?!?!

Don’t vote for Newt!

This is the same Ann Coulter that claimed if we don’t nominate Christie, Romney will be nominated and he will lose… …is now belittling us if we’re considering Newt.  I guess we’re already laughing Ann.

There’s just one little problem for Ann, the Media, the Establishment GOP, and now Conservative Pundits:

  • Conservative Voters followed the Establishment GOP candidate, McCain, and got royally screwed
  • When Mitt Romney was in power, he capitulated to the left enacting ObamaRomneyCare, State Mandates, top-down Government, and he installed liberal judges
  • When Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, he gave us the Contract With America,Welfare Reform, and a (so-called) Balanced Budget

Why are Conservatives ignoring you?  It’s the Record, Stupid!

3 responses to “It’s The Record, Stupid!”

  1. Excellent points, Brian. We heard the same arguments in 1976 for Ford and 1980 against Reagan. We heard them again in 1996 for Bob Dole.

    As Phyllis Schlafly said in 1964, voters want a choice, not an echo.

    I had thoughts similar to yours following the New Hampshire primary.

  2. Moderate/liberal Republicans

    Bob Dole 1996 ….. lost!
    John McCain 2008 ….. lost!
    Mitt Romney 2012 ….. (fill in the blank)

  3. And don’t forget Krauthammer — he’s part of that bunch, too. I’m disappointed in them all, but especially Ann Coulter. I have all seven of her books and used to read her column religiously. But when I heard her tell Sean Hannity, “The ONLY conservative in the race is Mitt Romney,” I nearly fell out of my chair.

    Newt Gingrich has some powerful people aligned against him, and I’m not talking Democrats. A year ago, I truly believed Obama couldn’t win another term. Now I’m not so sure. Masquerading as conservatives, the GOP leadership — not the media, not the Dems — is systematically destroying all challengers to Mitt Romney. How can we win when we’re eating our own?

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