Cape County Tea Party – Primary Candidate Forum

The Cape County Tea Party held a Missouri Primary Candidate Forum on Tuesday July 17th that the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center.  The event was a great success.

The SE Missourian Newspaper provided some nice coverage:

There was talk of smaller government, lower taxes and more than a few jabs were directed at President Barack Obama. Political hopefuls called out for new blood while incumbents touted the value of experience. The name of Ronald Reagan was conjured up more than once and most pledged their eternal support for legislation that was pro-God, pro-gun and pro-life.

And at the end of the night, an irate woman described by one event organizer as a “Democratic operative” had to be escorted to her car by police after confronting Republican congressional candidates Todd Akin and John Brunner.

Minor confrontation aside, Cape Girardeau County Tea Party chairman Brian Bollmann deemed Monday’s 2012 Missouri candidate forum largely a success, though he said he was a bit let down by the five candidates who had agreed to come but didn’t show.

“I wasn’t really irritated, I was slightly disappointed,” Bollmann said. “But overall I was very pleased with how the event turned out.”

In all, the roughly 150 who attended the event at the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center heard from 18 candidates and stand-ins for five others, from major statewide contenders such as Akin and Brunner and secretary of state candidate Shane Schoeller to third-party candidates such as former representative Cynthia Davis, who is running for lieutenant governor under the Constitution Party banner.

Read more here

At the end of the event, a straw poll was taken.  The CCTP Steering Committee met today at 1:00pm (as they do on all Wednesdays) to tally the results.

Click below to view the results of the straw poll:

TTTT – 20120717 – Straw Poll Results – 01

Thanks to all the candidates who participated, the excellent audience who attended, and all the hard work of the members of the Cape County Tea Party

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