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Todd Akin / Ann Coulter / Mitt Romney

Really Ann?!?! You sure are some sort of expert…

You foisted Mitt Romney on all of us back at the beginning of the year and called us stupid for supporting Newt Gingrich.  Along with the Republican Establishment you came out against Newt and attacked us for supporting the ONE MAN who balanced the budget (kinda) since 1968 — the one candidate that was drawing a stunning contrast between freedom and Barack Obama.

Now, we have a milquetoast candidate that had to bring in a major Conservative to shore up his Conservative base when he should have had that nailed down and been bringing in someone to pull forward Independents.

We have a candidate — in the face of Obama’s train-wreck of an economy, 8.3% unemployment, $6 Trillion in new debt, attacks on business, attacks on the middle class, ObamaCare, attacks on women, attacks on white people, ObamaCare, attacks on the rich, THE MOST DIVISIVE PRESIDENT EVER — that can’t muster a substantial polling lead in the swing states and is on the cusp of losing an election that a ham sandwich should win.

If we lose this election, Todd Akin will not be the problem; you, the Republican Establishment and Mitt Romey will.

I suspect Akin has a better chance of winning at this point than Romney.

Et tu Malkin, Hoft, etc, etc.


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