Hook. Line. Sinker.

The Eastwood strategy was brilliant!!  Look how much time the MSM has spent attacking Clint today when they would have been attacking Romney all day instead.

Hook. Line. Sinker.

The MSM took the whole day to pontificate about how “bizarre” the speech was. MSNBC called it “embarrassing” and a “disaster”.  Goon Michael Moore chimed in to say it “will be played to audiences a hundred years from now as the Most Bizarre Convention Moment Ever.”

(I hope like hell it is!)

No one took one second to think that BOTH Romney and Eastwood are BRILLIANT and the MSM got played-like-a-fiddle Thursday night.

How many acting awards has Eastwood won?!?!!  How many hostile situations has Romney been in?!?! How many scripts has Eastwood written?!?!  How many business plans has Mitt authored?!?!

And, you think they are so stupid and naive to put that out there not knowing how the MSM would react.

An empty chair and an invisible president saying ‘go ~blank~ yourself’.


Thank you Mitt Romney.  Thank you Clint Eastwood.



4 responses to “Hook. Line. Sinker.”

  1. We haven’t laughed out loud that much in many years, especially in these Obama times. I watched all three nights and thought most speeches were good to great. After seeing the tributes and shared stories about/to Romney it appears that this election will indeed be “Good Versus Evil”

  2. I have tweeted to as many as I can, that I am tired of the news talking heads telling us how, Romney-Ryan, Rubio etc. all of them, are doing! What they did say, what they did not say,what they should have said. WE CAN THINKG FOR OURSELVES, and we usually think something different!!!

  3. I recorded it and watched Clint Eastwood agan last nght! It’s even funnier the second time, because you can realy get into the humor! The Dems are running scared and we are laughing! Brillant!

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