Rience Priebus Is Such A…

Pardon my language here, but Rience Priebus is such a PUSSY!

When Soledad O’Brien asked him if Clinton could do alot of damage to Romney/Ryan, the answer is:

Bill Clinton, in the Oval Office, inserted a cigar into the vagina of a 21-year-old white house intern, ejaculated on her dress, and lied under oath.  This disgusting man, accused repeatedly of rape, having the moral turpitude of Sodomite, is the titular leader of a depraved party that first and foremost believes in the murder of unborn human beings while fighting proudly to save the life of the most heinous of murderers and rapists.

No, I don’t think Bill Clinton is a problem.


3 responses to “Rience Priebus Is Such A…”

  1. You ARE being somewhat sarcastic aren’t you?

  2. I had to find the video to see what you were talking about. At first I thought you were stating Priebus’s position but that was actually your statement. Somehow I think you could have made the same point without the X rated description.

  3. Enjoy it while you can because next Wednesday after Obama wins both the election and the state of Wisconsin, this jerkoff’s political career is O-V-E-R

    You don’t waste millions of the Koch Bros. money and come up empty handed … The only real question is how much of an example are they going top make out of him

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