My concern all along has been that Mitt Romney wouldn’t go to the mat.  And he didn’t.  Tonight’s Vice Presidential debate was his wide open chance to say the absolute worst TRUE things about President Obama and Vice President Biden, and he passed.

Things I would liked for Paul Ryan to say:

  • “You want to talk about trust?  Really?!?! Joe Biden, you fully plagiarized a British man to fake your own story to make yourself sound better when you were running for President.  How can any American possibly trust anything you ever say?  And, you have the nerve to ask America to trust YOU?”
  • Into the camera… …”Mr. Obama, in your book, you said that Frank, who is obviously Frank Marshall Davis, was your mentor.  Frank Marshall Davis, had we gone to war with the USSR in 19??, was such a Communist, would have been immediately ARRESTED and IMPRISONED had a war started with the USSR.”
  • When Biden protests… …”Oh you want to complain that I went back 24 years to talk about your past?  You are happy to talk about what happened with Mitt Romney’s dog 24+ years ago, but your past is off limits?  You want to ignore that your President ATE DOG,”
  • How dare you think you have a right to be Vice President with the possibility of being President.  You are plagiarist, a fake, a fraud.
  • …sometimes the words don’t come out the right way…
    • Your President, Joe Biden, the man you think should lead the next 4 years, said there were 57 states in America
    • Your President, Joe Biden, the man you think should lead the next 4 years, denigrated people saying they cling to their guns and their Bibles with antipathy
  • When Biden brought Sarah Palin into the fold regarding death panels, he absolutely should have said that “you continue to try to put down Sarah Palin for hear ‘death panels’ comment, but she was EXACTLY right.  Go to to see how right she was.” …and of course have a page ready there with he facts.
  • We would ‘like’ to be out of Afghanistan in 2014, however, BHO has made this a ‘date certain’.  We will not make it a ‘date certain’.  We want to be out of there. We want to bomb the Taliban until they never want to exist again.  We will try to be out of there.  But, we will not TELL the Taliban that we’re leaving.  Obama has, and now the Taliban are testing the waters and have killed 50+ of our bravest Americans because they KNOW that America is leaving.

Thoughts in general

  • I thought Biden won at least 51-49
  • Paul Ryan was more reasonable and measured
  • “I know you’re under duress” was his best salvo!

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