This Is How I’m Voting On November 6

How I Will Vote:

I’ve been asked multiple times; here’s how I will vote on various candidates and issues in this election (does not reflect CCTP).  Click here for a more detailed discussion on my reasoning.

I will not be casting any votes for members of any parties who remove God from their platforms or believe in murdering unborn human babies.

President Mitt Romney / Vice President Paul Ryan

U.S. Senator Todd Akin

Governor Dave Spence

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder

Secretary Of State Shane Schoeller

State Treasurer Cole McNary

Attorney General Ed Martin

U.S. Representative District 8 Jo Ann Emerson

Remaining Unopposed Candidates: Vote Yes

Judicial Ballot: No on all

Cape Girardeau County Public Administrator Lisa Reitzel


Constitutional Amendment 3: Yes

Statutory Measures:

  • Proposition A – Local Control of the St. Louis Police Department: No
  • Proposition B – Taxing Cigarettes for more Government Spending: No
  • Proposition E – Preventing Nixoncare: Yes

 City Of Jackson, MO Proposition 1: No

2 responses to “This Is How I’m Voting On November 6”

  1. Thanks for this post! Very helpful. Quick question: Why are you voting Yes to Constitutional Amendment 3? I’m terrified Nixon will get re-elected and go nuts appointing liberal judges!

    1. Currently, all the justices up for retention seem to be Pro-Choice / Liberal. So, if Nixon gets in, it’s not like he’d be changing them from Conservative to Liberal.

      It sets up a situation where a Conservative governor could appoint 4 Conservatives to the Nomination Commission… …along with the 3 from the Missouri Bar (typically liberal).

      The 4 Conservatives appointed by the Governor (the elected representative of the people) could outweigh the lawyers and lead to good Conservatives on the bench.

      It gives the Governor more power as well as accountability to the task and reduces the power of the unelected lawyers. We can vote the Governor out if we don’t like the choices.

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