Don’t Blame Romney?!?!

Ann Coulter tells us not to blame Romney?!?!  Is she kidding?

I’m sorry Ann, but you are crazy?  You sound like a Democrat.  You sound like Obama.  Romney’s version of “It’s Bush’s Fault!”

Romney was “perfect” candidate?  Your Nuts!  A perfect candidate wins.  Obama is a flawed candidate and he won!

Obama “quadrupled” gas prices?  It was $1.87 at BHO Inaugural; tell me oh brilliant one, at what point were gas prices $7.48.  Now you just look ignorant.

“Blaming the candidate may be fun”? Oh, so like Obama, “The buck stops with you.”

“Bachmann fighting for political life”?  She WON in a newly gerrymandered district; your guy lost!  I’ll bet she went to the mat

Akin is the problem? You and your ilk that didn’t stand by him were the problem!  You and your pals writing commercials for McCaskill were the problem – that she could just play the words of her opponent’s ‘compatriots’ to beat him up.

A republican party that doesn’t know to stay out of the weeds on abortion is the problem.  It’s simple, “My opponent kills babies; I don’t want to kill babies.”

“The last two weeks of the campaign were consumed with discussions of women’s “reproductive rights,” No, the last week was spent discussing Christie throwin’ lots of love to Obama.

Comments on abortion are the problem?  The Republican Party platform is 100% pro-life.  Change the platform if you don’t want candidates to follow it.

Oh, a straw man ‘band fan’ comparison?  No Purist Conservative thinks like that; maybe you do, but not a Conservative.  Wake up Ann; we got behind Romney even after the attack on Grass Roots and Ron Paul that Romney pulled at the Convention.

So you like the band analogy?  Okay, then here’s what it really is regarding Akin.  It’s really like being in the band and writing a bad song.  In this case, instead of telling him it was a bad song, you tried to throw him out of the band after he had written 12 great songs.

Your guy lost for one reason and one reason only; he wouldn’t go to the mat.  McCain wouldn’t go to the mat.  Romney wouldn’t go to the mat.  Obama went to the mat – twice – and he won.

3 responses to “Don’t Blame Romney?!?!”

  1. I have been a conservative my entire life and I was eager to join the Tea Party Movement. I have been extremely active in several campaign efforts and I could not disagree with you more. I am also very tired of the people who come after who put their blame spins on why an election was lost. I give much more value to Rush Limbaugh’s evaluation; you cannot beat Santa Claus. I was in Ohio, I attended the big rally in West Chester and I was therer the week before for a big rally with Ryan. These people were very pumped up and they were not looking at Romney as the alternative to Obama, they really came to see Romney as the right person for this time in our history. The people who beat us were the people on entitlements and the unions. I have seen the conservatives put up extremely weak candidates who lose because they are so eager for change, I have been at Tea Party meetings where far right members are looking for a third candidate. I really do not like your article. I sent money over to Akin, not because I thought he was the best candidate, he definitely was not, but I was eager to help him try and come back. A good candidate that you are looking for would have handled himself better with Jacco. Tea Party members in their efforts to effect change have made some very unfortunate mistakes and are putting up beatable candidates. By your standards, Todd Akin should not have been your candidate. The economy is our gravest issue at this point, Romney was the man to fix this problem.

    1. I agree Kathleen.
      Tea Party members are grass roots, though.
      They did their best, not being savvy on politics.
      Unfortunately, the last four years were too short of a time to learn it all.
      But we DID learn!
      It is going to get better.

      1. I do agree with you and I will continue to fight the good fight. As conservatives we have to continue to know the issues and monitor our own zeal, as sometimes that zeal gets many of us introuble. Rush has just reported that 3 million white republicans did not vote. Catholics and evangelicals voted for Obama. How do you answer that? I consider myself a grass roots voter, but I have spent many hours educating myself and working on campaigns. If people want a change they are going to have to become better informed so they can make better choices.

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