The Parasites Are Devouring The Host Culture

I’m sure I’m a racist for posting this disgusting video:


“Who would want to work in America?  This is what the the taxpayers are paying for.”

If you are paying taxes, why are you not screaming?!?

One response to “The Parasites Are Devouring The Host Culture”

  1. Oh yeah, it’s all free, its paid for with money that just blows out of obozo’s butt. The tax payers are NOT sacrificing to support your fingernails, hair-do, and tuti-fruti top dear. How long will the money last? You don’t see people in socialist nations (which is where you are headed) having glitzed fingernails, phoney hair and tuti-fruti clothing do you? You see them standing in line for a crust of bread. Thanks for voting him in another 4 years, you rocket scientist you.

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