It’s The Messaging Stupid

Predictably, the Cowardly Lions of the Republican controlled House are on the cusp of acquiescing to Obama’s demands for higher taxes on the rich.  Additionally, over the last weeks, a bevy of so-called Conservative pundits — Ann Coulter leading the charge — are urging the House to give into to higher taxes.

Here’s their plan as I see it:

  • Raise taxes
  • Anger all Conservatives
  • Expect Conservatives to vote again for failed Republican representation
  • Let the chips fall when the Obama economy fails
  • Hope the electorate will awaken to the failure of Obama’s economy
  • Republicans will be swept to victory in 2014 and 2016

A little problem happened on the way to reality.  The Obama Economy already failed.  Joblessness, debt, corruption, and strangulating regulations are the by-product of his economic vision and policy.

Barack Obama already presided over, as Ann says, a recovery that was worse than the recession.  Black and youth unemployment is through the roof.  Job creation is anemic with 73% of jobs created in recent months in the government.  And the Labor Force Participation Rate has dropped through the floor to match the economy of Jimmy Carter.

So, when it ‘re-fails’, Ann and her ilk tell us the electorate will suddenly awaken to the failure of Obama’s Economy and sweep in Republicans.  Really?!?!  Who, this time, is going to tell the Obama voter that their Messiah is a failure?  NBC?  ABC?  New York Times?  Washington Post?  CNN, NPR, BBC?  James Carville and Jon Stewart?  Your children’s school?

It already was a failure and they didn’t seem to get the message.  American voters bought the idea that if we just tax the evil rich a little more, the economy will soar… …when all evidence is to the contrary.

(Just like her failed recipe for a 2012 Republican Presidential candidate), following Ann’s plan for the Fiscal Cliff is just another recipe for failure and continued suffering under Democrat Keynesian economics, greater socialism, communism, and collectivism… …all which have failed miserably across Europe and Asia.

Here’s another plan to deal with the fiscal cliff:

  • Refuse to pass any bill that raises taxes
  • Write a bill to:
    • Cut taxes further by 1%
    • Cut all Federal salaries by 10%
    • Raise the retirement age by 5 years for anyone born after 12/31/2014
    • Include Additional Real Solutions
  • Obama is campaigning; start campaigning!  FINALLY… sell the Conservative message
  • Tap all the actors / musicians / celebrities that supported Romney
    • Stacy Dash
    • Kid Rock
    • Jon Voight
    • Daddy Yankee
    • Adam Sandler
    • Mike Rowe
    • Nicki Minaj
    • Paul Rodriguez
  • Create commercials with these celebrities:
    • “Hey kids! It’s time to wake up!”
    • “Obama’s tax increase will raise $82B (if that)”
    • “Obama’s deficit spending is 15 times that much!”
    • “Obama and the Democrats won’t cut real spending; all they want to do is raise taxes”
    • “Obama and Democrats continue to take money from you before you even start to pay taxes?!?!”
    • End all the commercials with the questions or some similar tag lines:
      • “How does it help for the Government to have another $82B?”
      • Guess what.  It doesn’t.”
      • “Do you really want the government to have more of your money?”
      • “Send ’em a Tweet!  Tell ’em ‘Hell No!’
  • Play that commercial on:
    • ABC
    • NBC
    • CBS
    • Comedy Central
    • CNN
    • Radio
    • MTV
    • VH1
    • Cartoon Network
    • Disney Channel
    • PBS
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Angry Birds

…until the cows come home.

It’s the Messaging, Stupid!

And if the evil 2% don’t want to foot the bill to create a messaging campaign, well then, go ahead and write a bill to raise their taxes… …except tax their existing wealth by 10% instead of income.  Apparently, they need a wake-up call too.

Messaging - 01

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