DESE Common Core Answers

Can you believe that only 8 days after the DESE Common Core…

divide and conquer campaign

listening session

information forum

…talking points dispensation session, we have all the answers we could ever want ready to go on the DESE web site?!?

Would you believe they answered half the questions?

Would you believe none?

Here’s a challenge to DESE.  Answer at least one question on your web site by 5/15.  Surely, these experts can answer one of the questions posed by the audience members.

I know. I know. You’re waiting until you have all the questions answered.  Please.  Publish what you have; then get back to work on letting us know exactly how much this is going to cost.  That seems to be quite the mystery.

Maybe they’re not such experts after all…

DESE Common Core Web Page - Questions and Answers - 20130510 - 01

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