Hypocrisy Alert: Sears, Target, Walmart Sell N-Word

As various companies fall all over themselves to expunge Paula Deen for using THE word 25 years ago, a quick search of the movie libraries of three big department stores shows that they are quite are happy to make big money off the word ‘Nigger’.

Blazing Saddles, a great Mel Brooks / Gene Wilder comedy, uses the word multiple multiple multiple multiple times.  So, selling the movie (making money off THE word) in 2013 is just fine with Sears, Target, and Walmart.  But, Paula Deens saying THE word 25 years ago? …not so much.




Blazing Saddles - 20130628 - Sears




Blazing Saddles - 20130628 - Target




Blazing Saddles - 20130628 - Walmart.

Is it just me, or if retailers are going to engage in this level of political correctness, shouldn’t they also be removing any reference to the word from their shelves and web sites?

One response to “Hypocrisy Alert: Sears, Target, Walmart Sell N-Word”

  1. Agreed, they also sell music CDs with rappers saying the “N” word the “C” word and every letter of the alphabet, i call BS on all the hipocrites.

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