Occupy Mingo

A group of 20 Missouri Patriots attended an Occupy Mingo event today at 1:30pm at the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge near Puxico, MO.  I was proud to be among them.  The event was quickly put together by various folks from several groups — including Cape County Tea Party and SEMO10 — although it was not officially sponsored.

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The event was intended to protest ObamaCare, the Federal Government Shutdown’s effect on our State lands, and the overreach of the Federal Government in general.

Below are two videos from the event and the Q&A from reporter Michelle Varvil.  She had recorded me at the event, but the traffic noise wiped out the brilliant points I had made on tape.  Sadly, my typed version will never match up to the stunning oratory that was lost this day.




The Interview:

How did you hear about the walk-in?

  • I was contacted by Chris Blattel of SEMO10.

Why was it important for you as an individual to take part in the walk-in at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge?

  • For me personally, I am working daily to save the republic that is the United States – a republic; not a democracy.  ObamaCare, the national debt, out-of-control government spending, massive regulations, waste, fraud and abuse all threaten our freedom and liberty… …and the republic.  It is important that all of us daily do something to save our republic and leave it healthy and debt-free for our future generations.  Anything less is the height of hypocrisy and selfishness.

What points were you hoping to make with your participation?

  • The progressive cancer that is the Federal Government is out-of-control.  It has extended its corrupt grip into every facet of our lives – Mingo National Wildlife Refuge being a prime example.
  • Faced with the devastation of our economy and freedom that is ObamaCare, the Republican-controlled U.S. House funded the Federal Government but chose not to fund ObamaCare.  The U.S. Senate, controlled by the Democrats refused to fund the Federal Government without ObamaCare.  The two Houses were at an impasse and the Federal Government shut down.
  • In his petulance, President Obama shut down all National Parks most famously the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC.  Included in the shutdown were the Gateway Arch and the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure Missourians can run the Gateway Arch and Mingo National Wildlife Refuge without the help of the Barack Obama.
  • One point we are trying to make is that the U.S. House has done the right thing by refusing to fund ObamaCare.  Among other disastrous effects, ObamaCare:
    • Destroys the 40-hour work week with its 30-hour full-time rule forcing employers to reduce work hours or comply with bankrupting costs and regulations for insuring workers.
    • Fundamentally transforms the relationship between government and citizen by, for the first time in our republic, forcing citizens to engage in commerce as a condition of being alive
    • Doubles and even triples the cost of insurance for a family of 4
  • The second point was that President Obama is acting in and irresponsible, petty, authoritarian manner by threatening American Citizens with federal charges and jail time for using their own land.  This land does not belong to the President; it belongs to the people.

How do you feel about the way the walk-in was handled by the zone officer and wildlife officer that was present at the walk-in?

  • The officers were doing their jobs and quite professional about it.  Sadly, their management decided to hide behind technology and will ticket us for trespassing using photos of attendees and their license plates as well as facial recognition technology.

Some attending the walk-in chose not to cross the barricade. Could you provide a comment about why you chose to go ahead and take that step?

  • Had I not crossed the barricade, I would not have had engaged in civil disobedience.  While I didn’t want to fight the officers or spend the afternoon in jail, I was willing to accept the consequences of breaking what I believe to be an unconstitutional law based on an unconstitutional land-grab made by the Federal Government.

Why do you think the average citizen needs to be aware of and why is it important for them to get involved in things like the walk-in?

  • At every level, governments (local, state, federal) are taking more and more control and strangling the freedoms of citizens – the Federal Government being the worst offender.  American citizens believe they live in a free county, yet those freedoms are constantly being eroded – today’s example being the freedom to visit OUR local parks.  If citizens don’t get involved in saving our republic, we will find ourselves living under the same authoritarian rulers we threw off in the American Revolution.  There is still time to save the republic.


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