Common Core Is Great!! …Right?!?

More good links:

1.  Think Like a Nazi….Argue why jews are evil–4th grade common core assignment, Albany, NY:


2.  Suffolk County Education Forum Video:


3.  Attend School Board Meetings:


4.  Common Core: “If You Like Your Curriculum, You Can Keep Your Curriculum”:


5.  Dr. Gary Thompson Testifies to Wisconsin Legislature: Common Core Test is Cognitive Child Abuse:


6.  Opting Out of Testing Approved By Supreme Court:


7.  Common Core Is So Important To The Open Data Movement, Because It’s “The Glue That Actually Ties Everything Together.”:


8.  Are ACT And College Board Selling Student Personal Data?


9.  Common Core Standards attacked by Republicans:


10.  3 * 4 = 11 Is Okay:


11.  NYC Teachers Give Fourth-Graders Math Problems About Dead Slaves, Whippings:


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