8 Buck Mike… …and The House Appropriations Committee for Education

One thing that seems to be lost in the kerfuffle over Missouri Representative Mike Lair’s amendment to purchase $8.00 of tin-foil for the “Common Core paranoia” is that “The Kansas City Star reported that the House Appropriations committee approved an amendment for $8 for tin foil in next year’s Education Budget.”

[Emphasis added]

Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems to me that a committee is more than one person, and that for a committee to approve such an amendment, a majority of the committee members must vote in its favor.  So, my question, who else voted for Lair’s high-priced Reynolds Wrap?

The members of the committee are:

So, has anyone asked these representatives why they voted for Lair’s amendment?  Was the amendment read aloud? Was it provided on paper?  Was there a big laugh in the committee?  Was there any debate?  Any hyperbole?

I will e-mail these questions to the list of folks above, but to me, a vote for this amendment makes them as guilty of ridiculing their constituents and elitist hubris as Representative Mike Lair.  Maybe you should be asking your representative these questions too.

When they start ridiculing you, they’re using Alinsky tactics… …but that also means you’re winning!

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