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Babies Lives Matter - 01

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Todd Akin / Ann Coulter / Mitt Romney

Really Ann?!?! You sure are some sort of expert…

You foisted Mitt Romney on all of us back at the beginning of the year and called us stupid for supporting Newt Gingrich.  Along with the Republican Establishment you came out against Newt and attacked us for supporting the ONE MAN who balanced the budget (kinda) since 1968 — the one candidate that was drawing a stunning contrast between freedom and Barack Obama.

Now, we have a milquetoast candidate that had to bring in a major Conservative to shore up his Conservative base when he should have had that nailed down and been bringing in someone to pull forward Independents.

We have a candidate — in the face of Obama’s train-wreck of an economy, 8.3% unemployment, $6 Trillion in new debt, attacks on business, attacks on the middle class, ObamaCare, attacks on women, attacks on white people, ObamaCare, attacks on the rich, THE MOST DIVISIVE PRESIDENT EVER — that can’t muster a substantial polling lead in the swing states and is on the cusp of losing an election that a ham sandwich should win.

If we lose this election, Todd Akin will not be the problem; you, the Republican Establishment and Mitt Romey will.

I suspect Akin has a better chance of winning at this point than Romney.

Et tu Malkin, Hoft, etc, etc.


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Will You Vote…

…the Values That Will Stand the Test of Fire:

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Now Open: KKK Breast Cancer Screening Centers of America

In the the wake of the Susan G Komen Foundation pulling its funding for Planned Parenthood, this news item was generated:

In a Thursday press release, the Democrat-founded KKK proudly announced the opening of the KKK Breast Cancer Screening Center in Sunset Groves, Missouri.

National Director of The Knights, Pastor Thomas Robb, said, “Breast cancer screenings, such as breast exams or mammograms, help detect breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stage. These breast cancer detection tools can save lives. More than nine out of 10 women who detect breast cancer early live at least five years — and many live much longer.”

“KKK doctors and nurses teach patients about breast care, connect patients to resources to help them get vital biopsies, ultrasounds, and mammograms, and follow up to make sure patients are cared for with the attention they need and deserve.

KKK’s Thomas Robb continues, “Some women may put off breast cancer screenings.They may be afraid of being diagnosed with breast cancer, they might not know they should be screened, they may have a hard time finding the right health care provider, or they may have concerns about the exams. It’s important not to let these fears and concerns get in the way of your health.”

“If you have questions or concerns about breast cancer, the KKK is here to help.”

When questioned by reporters, Robb asserted that none of the $487 Million in Federal funding from the American Taxpayer or the Komen Foundation $780,000 in grants would be used to further the KKK’s other activities of murdering Republican Candidates, burning crosses, and dragging and lynching blacks.

In related news…

  • Jesse Jackson has flown to the St. Louis, Missouri area to stand up against this travesty.
  • On MSNBC, Al Sharpton is bemoaning the use of Federal funding to support an organization that also promotes the lynching of blacks and burning of crosses – no mention was made of Republican candidate murder.
  • Liberals and Progressives nation-wide are demonstrating at the White House and outside the Susan G Komen Foundation offices for their support of these Breast Screening Centers.

Yes, folks, it’s a bit of hyperbole.  But, it is a surreal and apropos picture. The same people who would stand up against the KKK receiving federal funding for Breast Exams would stand with Planned Parenthood – an organization that MURDERS Babies.

It’s simple, they are human babies.  If they are not human babies, what species are they?

They are innocent.  They are vulnerable.  They deserve the utmost protection from the barbaric statists, progressives and liberals that would end their life.

Kudos to the Komen Foundation for ending their tacit sanction of the murder of unborn humans.


SHAME on Komen for reinstating the funding of a group that murders innocent babies.


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McCaskill: 0% Score On Faith, Family, Freedom

The Family Research Council was founded in 1992 to educate the general public and cultural leaders about traditional American values and to promote the philosophy of the Founding Fathers concerning the nature of ordered liberty.

They provide a Scorecard for Federal Representatives based on their votes on Bills with implications on Family Values, Faith, and Freedom.

In Missouri, Claire McCaskill scored a 0% for her votes on such bills; Todd Akin scored 100%; the rest were somewhere in between.  Click on the image to view Missouri’s scores:


Thank you, Todd Akin!


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Kinder Must Go?

On 8/26/11, The Missouri Record (MR) blog published a post entitled “Kinder Must Go”.

The assertion is intially based on the claim by a Penthouse Pet, stripper, and pantless bar waitress that Peter Kinder behaved inappropriately.  Like millions of American males, Kinder frequented a strip club, and now, he finds himself involved in a he-said/she-said situation.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Then, a GOP supporter and major donor tells Politico that he (the donor) is so principled and supportive of the Republican Party, that if Kinder runs for governor, he will support Jay Nixon who belongs to and supports the party that defends the murder of a million unborn humans per year.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Then, according to the MR post, Politico reports that the Missouri State GOP may pull support for Kinder.  The Missouri State GOP denies the claim by Politico.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

The Missouri Record reports that Kinder’s campaign sees a Left Wing Rag Magazine pumping an unsubstantiated story from a Penthouse Pet, stripper, and pantless bar waitress as a Democrat ploy to distract from the failed record of the current Democrat Governor.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Without citing any poll, we read that Kinder “was never in danger of actually defeating Governor Nixon”

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Then, we must be concerned that, a few days before the election, the opposition might run ads that lie about Kinder as a Republican Gubernatorial Candidate.

So, based on that, Kinder Must Go.

Of course he must go.  He must martyr himself as a politician and take the “opportunity to write his own political epilogue.”  He should take all the accomplishments of his political career, put them on a tombstone, and retire into anonymity.


Uh. No.

Just like we’ve been expected to take Barack Obama at his word that he is a Christian (despite all the evidence to the contrary), we better damn well be ready to take Peter Kinder at his word.  Kinder is not accused of nor has had to admit anything illegal like smoking pot or using cocaine — unlike our President.

And, Kinder is not the subject of a Missouri Auditor law suit.  The Missouri (yes Republican) Auditor has filed suit against Governor Nixon for illegally reducing expenditures where he glaringly REDUCED BUDGETS FOR REPUBLICANS BUT NOT DEMOCRATS!

Kinder was twice audited by Democrat Missouri Auditors with no findings of fault, and when later accused of travel improprieties, he made immediate restitution at the mere air of such a concern.

Nixon, as soon as he was inaugurated, put the keibosh on the Matt Blunt E-Mail Scandal after using it as campaign fodder to get elected.  Blunt and co-accused Ed Martin were more than ready to have the details aired out, but Nixon closed the investigation.

Although he said, “I think I have a record over 25 years that’s supported workers, that’s supported individual rights, that clearly believes strongly in the rights … of minorities,” Jay Nixon has been mute as Peter Kinder fought to stop the undermining of Missourian’s individual rights under Obamacare and hasn’t said word one about the travesty that is the TSA attack on our 4th amendment rights.

Jay Nixon has now called a special legislative session (costing taxpayers thousands) to push the Aerotropolis boondoggle that will reward donors with taxpayer money in a outrageous example of crony capitalism.

Nixon ignored the opportunity to capitalize on the exodus of businesses from Illinois after their massive Income Tax increases while Governors from Indiana and Wisconsin courted businesses and individuals to consider their states for planting new roots.

Nixon rejected legislation that would have required many voters to display government-issued photo identification when they cast ballots.

And, Nixon ‘led from behind’ by allowing the abortion restrictions to go into effect without his signature.  Certainly more restrictions on abortions are necessary, but such an issue should be led by the Governor — not an “it’s in my pocket” approval.

Certainly Kinder, with the record below (highlighted by the Missouri Record), would never be able to mount a successful challenge in light of the above…

Kinder, in the partial birth abortion bill of 1997, he worked to override the governor’s veto.
Kinder was also instrumental in passing Missouri’s concealed-carry law.
Kinder’s lawsuit in opposition to the President’s health care reform has been joined by officials in dozens of states.
And most importantly, Kinder has worked successfully to bridge the urban/rural divide in Missouri politics

Pack it in Peter Kinder; you must “Go”

The Missouri Record may be right; I may be wrong. But, to call for Kinder to take a dive is, likely, putting the knock-out before the punch.


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Immoral To Cut Spending

Today’s E-Mail from your favorite top leftist organization (has ‘Move’ in its title) decries spending cuts by the Republicans in Congress as immoral efforts to take money out of the mouths of babes:

“What kind of country cuts food aid to hungry pregnant women and children in the middle of an economic crisis—while giving a giant tax break to billionaires?

Seriously. WTF?!

The Republicans are winning the battle over the budget, hands down, even though what they’re fighting for is, put simply, immoral.”

Personal Pregnancy Blog

I agree.  Seriously.  WTF?!?

The Left has won the argument over the past 50 years by playing to emotion; the above is a perfect example taken from that playbook.  They also count on their sheep being less than thoughtful — okay, ignorant.

Just a couple of quick thoughtful questions to those they hope to be ignorant.

  1. What tax breaks were given to billionaires?  None.  Death taxes were re-instituted (raised) on the wealthy and otherwise tax rates were kept the same.  NO tax breaks were given to billionaires.
  2. If the food aid to hungry pregnant women and children is so important, why is the Left fighting so adamantly to continue to fund NPR?

But, that’s using ‘logic’ against the Left’s ’emotional’ arguments.  And, we will lose again.

So, if the Left is indeed so worried about the children, I emotionally ask these:

  • Why is the Left fighting so hard to continue to spend the labors of generations unborn?  Are the people of this generation so pathetic that we must take from future generations to pad our own selfish lives?
  • Why is the Left fighting so hard to kill off that new generation of taxpayers through their IMMORAL abortion policies? What about that baby, yes baby, that had it’s spinal cord severed to kill it before it came out of the womb?  Or that baby that had it’s heartbeat snuffed out by a Leftist Abortionist that took it’s unborn life?

The Left has the corner on the market of immorality.  Any time they cry wolf about the Republicans’ activities, the hypocrisy meter spins off its dial!

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Libertarian Gay Marriage

When your humble blogger takes simple Political Spectrum tests, he lands somewhere close to Libertarian and Conservative.  Maybe it’s my Conservative Religious roots that plant me firmly in the anti-Gay Marriage camp.  I find it hard to read the Bible literally, be a Christian, and not come down on the side that Homosexuality is indeed wrong.   Trust me; I’m conflicted.  However, we live in the world we live in, and there is a subsection of the human race that finds themselves physically attracted to those of their same sex.

To that end, many homosexuals want to get married.  Lawsuits have been filed, polls have been taken, State Supreme Courts have weighed in, and States have voted.  However, the Libertarian in me and many others asks ‘why should government be involved in marriage; we are all about freedom’.

Hopefully, this bit of discussion will assuage the conflict between my Libertarian and Conservative alter egos.

It seems to me a true function of the American government is to protect citizens from many and varying assaults.  The government is tasked with protecting  our borders, protecting our technologies through patents, protecting our ability to engage in interstate commerce.  To engage in such protection, words (with definitions) are strung into sentences, paragraphs, contracts, and laws.  If the definition of a crucial word in one of the contracts or laws is suddenly changed, the validity and meaning of the contract or law is void.

If I sign a contract to provide housing to a group of people, but the government allows the definition of the word ‘housing’ to change to ‘a stool under a cedar tree’, then the government has not protected the people for whom the contract was signed.

Same for the unborn – the government has allowed the definition of ‘human life’ to be changed such that an unconscious human life inside (and sometimes outside) the womb can be killed.

Now, homosexuals want to have the government remove this protection from the word ‘marriage’.  The claim is that the relationship between a homosexual couple and a heterosexual couple are the same.  However, the definition of marry is/has been/was…

Google Books Noah Webster Dictionary

If you look up Matrimony…

There you have it. The definition of ‘marry’ and ‘matrimony’ from the 1892 Edition of Noah Webster’s “Dictionary of the English Language” as found here.

So, to allow for homosexuals to marry, the Government must change the definition of Marrying / Marriage / Matrimony.

The question is, do we have a government that stands up for the contracts and laws under which the citizens have labored?  Or, do we have a government that will change such definitions to suit the will of a vocal minority of the governed?

And, if the government can change such a definition, what other definitions will the government change?

But to equate Homosexual marriage and Heterosexual marriage would have to mean that the relationship is greatly similar.  And, I continue to note the fact that only the Heterosexual relationship allows for natural procreation and the successful continuation of the species.  That IS the major impetus for advent of marriage.  It is a special condition of the committed relationship of Heterosexual Marriage that elevates the relationship (and the term) above what can be found in Homosexual relationships.

Removing the continuation of the species from the relationship of marriage is akin to removing the roof and walls from a house and still calling it a house.

If you put a Married Couple on one island; two ‘married’ men on another island; two ‘married’ women on another island… …only the island with the Married Couple has any chance of procreating and surviving.

That makes the relationship different! …and special.

(Certainly, heterosexual couples can procreate outside of the institution of matrimony.  But, we are talking about government recognition of marriage and the definition of words here.)

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Today’s Miracle

Today I get to be the closest I’ve been to the miracle of birth since the birth of my children in 1993 and 1994.  When my son was born in 1993, he came out without breath in his lungs into a room full of doctors, nurses, and specialists.  The Obstetrician cleaned out his little lungs and soon he began squeal.  He kept it up every night for a year until we finally told him to go back to sleep.  My daughter, in 1994, came out into my hands as the Doctor fully involved me in her birth.  It will be a tough task to find another event in life that will ever surpass the magic of that moment.

As the new baby has grown in the womb, her heart beat, she moved and kicked, her name was given… …oh and her sex was determined.  Her hair even grew and could be seen on the ultrasound.  Her name will be Karsyn Elizabeth and she will come out of the womb around 2:00pm on 7/8.

It never ceases to amaze me that someone could say all the things I just said about this wonderful gift, and still decide that it is not a human baby.  If she’s not a human baby, then what is she?  It amazes me that someone could decide that her life, which started at conception, could be terminated.  Can you show me any human life that didn’t start at conception?

Although the young child who will be the mother of this baby will have a tough time, she chose the harder path and will bring Karsyn into a loving family.  Thank God for that choice… …and for that same choice that was made for me!  My mother, too, was an extremely young unwed mother when she conceived.  With even less help, she brought me into this world and fought to give me the best life she could — with more love than a boy and man could hope for.

Thank You Mom.

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Republicans Fund Abortions

The next game to be played by the Progressives in the Federal Government and the Main Stream Media will be to make the claim that Republicans WANT to fund abortions. I can see it now.

As the Republicans continue to fight the socialization of America and the Progressive / Union / Liberal takeover of the Health Care system, they will fight to stop the Reconciliation Bill in the Senate with every parliamentary tactic at their disposal. Amendments will be proposed, debate rules will be fought, and stalling tactics will be employed. Republicans and Conservatives will fight tooth and nail.

At some point, a sleazy bureaucrat, Senator or Congressman will posit that the Republicans ‘know’ that the Senate bill is the law of the land. And, by fighting against the Reconciliation and Sidecar Bills, they are fighting to keep the status quo which includes… …the funding of abortions. “The Republicans are fighting to keep abortion funding in place”

Bureaucrats will copy it, and Senators and Congressmen will pass it along. The MSM will pick it up and report it as gospel.

Conservatives and Republicans need to be ready for this next ploy of the Progressives and Democrats… …guaranteed… …like death and taxes.

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