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MO Legislature Has Innovative Idea To Spur Job Creation

Yes! In two of the Capitol Reports received via e-mail from Cape County’s state Representatives, it is confirmed!  Missouri has an innovative idea to spur job creation!  Are you ready?!?!

They’re gonna make a list.

Stop clapping.  Hold the applause.  Hang on to your panties.

From the Capitol Reports of Wayne Wallingford and Ellen Brandom:

Putting Missourians back to work will be a priority again this session.  Last session, we took several steps to create jobs.  We cut taxes on small businesses adding new employees, eliminated the franchise tax and adopted several measures to improve the business climate.  But with an unemployment rate still above 8%, there is still work to be done.

One innovative idea to spur job creation is the Entrepreneur Virtual Resource Network.  This new program would provide resources to the Department of Economic Development for a website that pools the information needed to start a small business in the state.

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of job creation, but they often need assistance in navigating the regulatory hoops necessary to create their business from scratch.  This website will give them a one-stop shop on how to get their idea to the marketplace.

At least they’re saving money and time by collaborating on the text of their Capitol Reports (or Leadership is writing them).


Now, I’m all for getting information out via the Interwebs; that’s how I make my living.  But to claim that making a long list of the laws, rules, and regulations that stand in the way of starting or expanding a business in Missouri will create jobs is laughable.

Here’s a better idea.

  • Go ahead and make the list, but save the time and effort of creating the web site
  • Then, order the list by necessity of the law, rule, regulation from greatest to least
  • Finally, write and pass a bill to repeal all the laws, rules, and regulations on the bottom half of the list

There you have it.  One half of the red tape that ties down job creators is cut.  Missouri is job friendly.

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22,727,272,727 Stamps

Too. Many. Jokes. Must. Mock. McCaskill.

Yes, with leadership like this, potential Missouri Senatorial Candidates must be squirming in their campaign-seats at the thought of coming up against Air Claire in the 2012 Election.

On Tuesday, Claire McCaskill offered the U.S. Postmaster General some sage advice on how to stem the tide of financial devastation ebbing on the Post Offices’ beachhead — A Marketing Campaign To Get People To Write Letters.

Ignore the communications advances of the last 30 years — e-mails, text messages, fax, on-line document sharing, video-conference, cell-phone — let’s get the folks to go to the store, buy paper, buy envelopes, buy pens, buy pencils, go to the post office, buy stamps, sit down, write letters of love and caring to our friends and family.

THAT! will save the Post Office.

Too rich for the (generally liberal) Jon Stewart to pass up (@3:51):


But why stop there Claire? All this technology stuff 2day has caused downturns outside of the Postal Window.  Envelope Companies, Stationery Companies, Pen Makers could all use some help from the wisdom of you in the Congress as well!

I’ve even heard that the manufacturers of buggy whips might be having some financial trouble.

Sadly though, Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe reported that such a campaign to get people to write more letters is in the works.  Thanks goodness for that, because we will only need the American People to buy an 22,727,272,727 Postage Stamps to offset the $10B that the Postal Service is projected to lose this year.  Every man, woman and child in the U.S. would have to buy 75 stamps (and not use them) to allow them to break even.

Can ANYONE in the Federal Government come up with an idea that actually REDUCES COSTS instead of just throwing more money at a problem — Claire McCaskill and Patrick R. Donahoe can’t.


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Who Will I Get To Sue?


Old Dominion, a well-known U.S. freight company, is being forced to re-instate a driver WHO SELF-REPORTED THAT ABUSES ALCOHOL!

Again, the Federal Government is forcing Old Dominion to put a drunk on the road.

Honestly, I thought about a lede for this story for about five minutes, but I just can’t improve on this press release from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC):

“Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc., a trucking company with a service center in Fort Smith, Ark., violated federal law by discriminating against at least one truck driver because of self-reported alcohol abuse, the EEOC charged in a lawsuit.

“The company should have met its legal obligation to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) while assuring safety, rather than permanently sidelining self-reporting drivers, the EEOC contended.”

So let me break it down for you: while most folks think of the disabled as someone like a war veteran who is confined to a wheelchair because they sacrificed one or more limbs for their country, it also includes drunken yahoos careening down the interstate in an 18-wheeler.

That’s right, alcoholism is a recognized disability under the ADA and disability discrimination is against the law.

“The ADA mandates that persons with disabilities have an equal opportunity to achieve in the workplace. Old Dominion’s policy and practice of never returning an employee who self-reports an alcohol problem to a driving position violates that law,” said Katharine Kores, director of the EEOC’s Memphis district office.

“While the EEOC agrees that an employer’s concern regarding safety on our highways is a legitimate issue, an employer can both ensure safety and comply with the ADA,” Kores said.

The suit seeks monetary relief, reinstatement to a driving position, back pay, compensatory and punitive damages, compensation for lost benefits, and an injunction against future discrimination. Audrey Hudson

This, again, is government regulation gone wild.  Not only has Old Dominion incurred the cost of dealing with the EEOC, they will be forced to pay higher insurance rates and see more litigation when this guy actually kills somebody while driving drunk.

And, all those costs are passed along to you and me… …Taxation By Regulation.

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Motorcycles Must Be Outlawed

Reported today, NHTSA has embarked on its latest tyranny of requiring the installation of monitoring devices in all new automobiles – your unelected regulatory oppressors at work.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is expected to issue new regulations next month, that will require a black box style data recorder be fitted in all new cars.

Similar in concept to the familiar black boxes used in commercial aircraft for decades, the boxes are expected to record information about speed, seat belt use and brake application in the final seconds leading up to an accident, the data can be retrieved for later analysis. –

Now, compliments of Nanny State bureaucracy, Big Brother will be able to retrieve a log of your seat-belt usage for reporting to “the State”, and you can be ticketed ‘after-the-fact’.

The irony?

I can step out of my Ford F150, mount a Harley Davidson or Ninja Motorcycle, head down the same side-road or Interstate as I can in the Ford F150… …with only a helmet between my body (moving at 75 mph) and the pavement.  More irony? In states like Illinois, I can go sans helmet.


Well! This can’t stand.  The do-gooders must intervene and protect me from my own self-destructive behavior.  Motorcycles must be outlawed!

And, damn-it, there are so may ways that humans can injure themselves, we must outlaw them all:

  • Parachuting
  • Jogging
  • Bull-Riding
  • Bacon-Covered Hotdogs
  • Skiing
  • Cigars
  • Incandescent Lighting
  • Cooking

But, since it’s already illegal to operate a human conveyance device without a seat-belt, outlawing motorcycles is certainly the low-hanging fruit.

Thank you to the automotive and insurance lobby for your assistance on this assault on our 4th Amendment Rights and our freedoms.


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Meet The Fed

It is a nice coincidence that Glenn Beck would introduce us more closely to the U.S. Federal Reserve one day before the Rockin’ Conservative delved into The Fed.  Part of Glenn’s program discussed a book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin that, among other things, chronicled the creation of the Federal Reserve System at a meeting of powerful financial magnates at Jekyll Island in southern Georgia.

“On the evening of November 22, 1910, Sen. Aldrich and A.P. Andrews (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department), Paul Warburg (a naturalized German representing Baron Alfred Rothschild’s Kuhn, Loeb & Co.), Frank Vanderlip (president of the National City Bank of New York), Henry P. Davison (senior partner of J. P. Morgan Company), Charles D. Norton (president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York), and Benjamin Strong (representing J. P. Morgan), left Hoboken, New Jersey on a train in view of a group of confused reporters, who were wondering why these bankers, representing about one-sixth of the world’s wealth, were gathering at this particular place and time and leaving together.”

According to Beck, the 5 goals of the participants were to:

Glenn Beck - 20110325 - The Fed - 01 - h/t

I strongly recommend that you read the transcript of Beck’s program from 3/25/11 when it becomes available

Today, we are going to meet The Fed.  We’ll take a quick look at the Board Of Governors of The Fed, and give a quick hit about each member:

We all know the Chairman, Ben Bernanke.  Dr. Bernanke has been hailed as an expert on the Depression of Ben Bernanke - federalreserve.govthe 1930’s and decried for his handling of the current economic downturn.

Ron Paul said of Dr. Bernanke, “There is something fishy about the head of the world’s most powerful government bureaucracy, one that is involved in a full-time counterfeiting operation to sustain monopolistic financial cartels, and the world’s most powerful central planner, who sets the price of money worldwide, proclaiming the glories of capitalism.”

Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky said on CNBC that he had seen documents which show Bernanke overruled recommendations from his staff in bailing out AIG. The columnist says this raises questions as to whether or not the decision to bail out AIG was necessary.

Janet Yellen - federalreserve.govThe Vice Chairman is Janet Yellen.  Dr. Yellen was making a tidy $410,000 as the San Francisco Fed President in 2009, while Dr. Bernanke’s salary is controlled by law.  Yes, friends.  That $410,000 is coming out of your pockets.  She apparently co-authored an interesting discussion of Out-Of-Wedlock Marriage with her husband, George Akerlof.

She believes low interest rates can be problematic, but she has NEVER voted against the majority in 36 policy decisions.

In the light review of Dr. Yellen’s history, I do not find any employment in the real world.  Bernanke waited tables to help get through college.

You don’t have to dig very far into The Fed to find the fingerprints of Morgan Stanley.  It seems that behemoth, along with Goldman Sachs, is Kefin Warsh - federalreserve.gova revolving door for the financial control of the U.S.  Meet Kevin Warsh who joined The Fed in 2006.  At that time, Vice Chairman Preston Marsh said Warsh’s nomination was “not a good idea” and that if he had a voice in the Senate, he would vote no.

However, Mr. Warsh has resigned from the Board Of Governors effective at the end of March 2011 but is still listed on The Fed’s web site.  Sadly, Mr. Warsh was the only dissenting opinion on The Fed’s $600 Billion plan to buy bonds to lower long-term interest rates and stimulate bank lending.  President Obama will have another chance to put his stamp on The Fed when replacing Warsh.

Elizabeth Duke - federalreserve.govElizabeth A Duke joined The Fed in 2008.  On 7/16/09, during Senate testimony, Ms. Duke attempted a claim that the only portion of The Fed over which there is no oversight is ‘monetary policy’.  Senator Ron Paul quickly quashed her effort to mis-characterize the level of transparency with 5 activities that spurn oversight — including transactions with other counties’ central banks.  Senator Paul compared such transactions to treaties that The Fed was executing without oversight from Congress.

Later in the questioning, Senator Paul wonders how well the consumer fares in the policy schemes of The Fed noting that the dollar has lost 96% of its value since the creation of The Fed.  Ms. Duke simply restates the ‘dual responsibilities’ of The Fed avoiding a real answer to the question.

Elizabeth Duke has predicted 4 Million more foreclosures for 2011 – 2012.

After performing as a trusted Obama adviser during the campaign and terminating his position as Professor of Daniel Tarullo - federalreserve.govLaw at Georgetown University Law Center, Daniel K. Tarullo joined The Fed in 2009.

He believes the Government has the right to oversee salaries in the private sector — especially at the banks.  Tarullo chairs the committee that oversees banking regulation and has frustrated banking lawyers with a less-than-clear position on “how private equity firms can come into compliance with Fed regulations restricting non-banks from controlling depository institutions. ‘He hasn’t even made one speech about the issue.'”

Sarah Bloom Raskin - federalreserve.govSarah Bloom Raskin, the newest member of the Board of Governors joined in late 2010.  The Raskin name may ring a bell as her father-in-law is Marcus Raskin who started the Institute for Policy Studies — a notoriously leftist think tank.

A great workup on the “radical royal family” is here.

In 1978, in an article in National Review, Brian Crozier , director of the London-based Institute for the Study of Conflict described IPS as the ‘perfect intellectual front for Soviet activities which would be resisted if they were to originate openly from the KGB’.”

And, finally, we have a vacant position on the Board waiting to be filled by President Obama and the Senate. The Fed - Peter Diamond - 20110327 - 01 His latest nominee, Peter Diamond, was rejected by by the Senate on August 5, 2010.

Diamond is a strong Keynesian policy advocate and will push for more government stimulus rather than relying on the private sector according to Freedom Works.

In the face of rising oil and food prices, Diamond has expressed no real concern over inflation. On November 30, he told Bloomberg News that ‘the quantitative easing is a help but it needs fiscal backing. Given the other things happening, it’s not as powerful as we need.’ The ramifications of engaging in overly loose monetary policy are hugely negative, affecting both domestic and global markets., wrote Freedom Works in a letter to Senators during the Diamond nomination process.

Diamond was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in October 2010, along with Dale T. Mortensen from Northwestern University and Christopher A. Pissarides from the London School of Economics “for their analysis of markets with search frictions”

However, he couldn’t get past the Senate for confirmation to The Fed.  But, we know the standards for Nobel Prizes have dropped substantially over the past 10 years.

That’s it.  These 7 positions probably have more power than the President and the Congress combined, are effectively negotiating treaties with other governments, and barely any of them have real experience the private sector ‘making things’.

Diamond was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in October 2010, along with Dale T. Mortensen from Northwestern University and Christopher A. Pissarides from the London School of Economics “for their analysis of markets with search frictions”
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Blockin’ Rockin’

“The web site you are trying to reach may not be appropriate.”

“The Website has a current rating of Suspicious.”



It turns out your humble blogger has been found to be “Suspicious” by a major Department of the Federal Government. The total 2011 budget request for this department was over $15 Billion.

The person who forwarded this issue to me asked me not to reveal the name of the Department, a Picture of the Web Page that is displayed when they try to access my blog, or the Full Text of the page.  But their Web Gateway Software and/or Content Blocking Software has deemed my site as “Suspicious”.

The page that is displayed does give the user an opportunity to “Submit A Site For Review” to determine if the site is classified incorrectly.  But, if I was that employee, there would be no chance that I’d endanger my job by submitting a site that had been deemed “Suspicious”… …especially if it was a site at odds with the current administration and the Global Warming Agenda.

I wonder what the Federal Government finds “Suspicious” about my site?  Is it my rants against Big Government?  Is it that fact that OBAMA is the largest in my Word Cloud?  Is it the Cartoons from Tom Langlitz?  Discussion of true science on Global Warming and “The Chilling Stars” book?  Conservative?  Libertarian?

And, I’m curious if the Huffington Post,, and are blocked.  How about,, or

I hope to find more information on why my site was deemed “Suspicious” …so I can keep up the good work!  I hope by mentioning the sites of my friends that they don’t find themselves deemed “Suspicious”.

If you are inside the Federal Government, I hope you have enjoyed my posts.  This may be the last you see of them.


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Teaching Your Child Pedophilia Is Okay

Imagine, in January 2010, you made plans to take your family over the oceans and through the mountains to visit your parents on Thanksgiving Day.  You arrive at the airport to take your trip and decide to opt out of being irradiated.  Thus, you, your wife, and your three-year-old child are greeted with a pat-down that includes aggressive fondling of genitalia.

For three years, you have been teaching your child that NO ONE is allowed to touch their private parts.  NO ONE.  Only under medical circumstances are your parents even allowed to touch their genitalia!  And, the pediatrician, in the presence of the parents, are allowed to examine the child… …rarely in the sexually related areas.  No matter what anyone says (“I’m a police officer” / “I’m a priest”), no one is allowed to touch you.

In comes the TSA.  You are now expected to teach your three-year-old child that certain people ARE allowed to touch their private parts.  These people with blue gloves, uniforms, and badges can touch (through their clothes) the penis, vagina, anus, and breasts.

People can steal their way into our country unmolested, but if you want to visit your Grandmother or Grandfather in a state far away, you have to endure this sexual abuse on behalf of your government.

State pedophilia and sexual battery laws must be used to stop these egregious attacks on our bodies and the 4th Amendment.  Who will be the first State Attorney General to file for an injunction?!?

Remember kids, “People with the blue gloves can touch your private parts. ”

“What did you say daddy?  People can touch my private parts?  Okay.”


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Inside These Buildings

Voters, Pundits, and Americans across the nation are outraged by the new $578,000,000 High School that has been built in Los Angeles, California.  They are justified in their indignation as the State of California faces massive budget deficits and looming bankruptcy.

In St. Louis, the Federal Government built a massive eyesore called the Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse that blotted out the beautiful view of the St. Louis Arch as you drive into St. Louis City from the county.

And gigantic Federal Buildings litter Washington DC creating a beautiful skyline built with taxpayer dollars.

Our government workers have certainly excelled at creating aesthetic and pleasing edifices in which to toil.

So, why is it that what goes on Inside These Buildings is such a massive failure?


Those working within these sanctuaries to the labors of taxpayers probably don’t understand that government is but a necessary evil; probably have never read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense; probably don’t understand that the electorate must spend up to 1/2 of their working day to pay for the largesse of the government; and probably think that there should be more government effort to steer the ship of America.  They’ve probably never read (or understood) the Declaration of Independence (which lists grievances far less egregious than the offenses committed by the current American government) or the Constitution for the United States of America.

Ignorance.  Ignorance of the true building blocks of America and the free market which made her great.

It’s far past time to reduce the size of these massive buildings and the travesties executed within.  What is better for America as a whole?  A system of giant buildings that house massive failure?  Or, a simple trailer where successes are built.

My children spent two years in a trailer as their school was re-built after a tornado.  They succeeded in learning in those trailers.  Will they succeed in learning in the $578,000,000 school?  If they do, it certainly is not because of the building — it is in spite of it.



I Hate It When I’m Right

A week ago, I commented with qualified praise for the Obama Administration as they signed a bill to reduce tariffs on imported items.  I had hoped that when I later spoke with my co-workers I would find the bill included Magnesium Alloy which has a job killing tariff practically doubling the price at which U.S. Manufacturers can by the metal.

To my dismay, I spoke with our V.P. of Sales today about this issue, and he indeed confirmed that Magnesium Alloy would continue to be protected by tariff,  “Only non-controversial raw materials were included in that bill.”

So, if any company in the U.S. was also producing the commodity and filed a complaint, it was ‘controversial’ and the tariffs remain.

Bottom line.  This is a do-nothing bill that sounds good on the headline, but doesn’t really help many manufacturers in the long run.  If there’s no one in the U.S. making Bullcrapium, then we’ll take the tariff off which does reduce the cost to those manufacturers.  But, if there is a U.S. competitor for the product, we leave the tariff on, and the price for the raw material is so high that it’s cheaper to manufacture from the raw material outside of the U.S. and import the finished product.

Where are the jobs?  Outside of the U.S.

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Shine The Light

If needed a reason to lift the cap off your city, county, and local school board, this week the Bell, California city council gave it to you in spades!  Conservatives, for years, have been calling on like-minded activists to get involved in their local government activities to root out excessive spending, increased control, and to help wrest the grip of the Federal Government from your life.

Last week we find out that leaders of a poverty-stricken California town had somehow picked up $300,000 to $800,000 salaries for part time jobs.  Leaders are now resigning and citizens are screaming for recalls.

So, what’s going on in your town?

  • How much are your city / county leaders paid?
  • Do they have businesses in conflicting areas?
  • How about your school board. Do they get paid? What is their line of business?
  • How many are Republican/Democrat/Liberal/Conservative?
  • Where is your money spent?
  • How many government jobs could be outsourced locally? …for less money.

The questions go on and on, but you get the point?  If YOU don’t know this information, does anyone?  Or are your local officials flying under the radar and literally stealing your time (labors) from you in the form of tax dollars.

It’s time to Shine The Light on all levels of government to elicit true freedom from the tyranny of taxation and control.

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