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Version 1:

  • TARP isn’t going to cost the taxpayers anything.  As a matter of fact, the US Taxpayer will make money from this program

Version 2:

  • TARP is going to cost money, but it’s only $15 Billion.  But it saved or created lots of jobs and didn’t cost as much as it could have and if we hadn’t done it we would have had the Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Depression

Version 3 (out this week)

  • TARP is now going to cost at least $34 Billion and we hope that it won’t cost much more

Below is a graphic from the CBO detailing just how much money the taxpayer made lost in the TARP fiasco.  The program that saved us… ….socialized bank losses after giving billions in bonuses to their elite, has yet to see one person go to jail after costing taxpayers $5 Trillion in investments, and is on track to cost taxpayers at least $34 Billion instead of the purported ‘money made’.

Here is part of a graphic from the CBO describing the current status of the TARP.  Click on the image to view the entire graphic:

Here is the report on the status of TARP.

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Federer On Thanksgiving And OWS

Thanksgiving – Pilgrims reject “Occupy Wall Street” wealth redistribution

By William J. Federerh/t

As Thanksgiving nears, one wonders what the Pilgrims would have thought about “Occupy Wall Street” and its effort to redistribute wealth.

The Pilgrims were originally part of the Virginia Company and were ruled by a set of bylaws that set up a communal system for the first seven years.

In this system, all capital and profits remained “in ye common stock”:

“Anno: 1620. July 1. 1. The adventurers & planters do agree that every person that goeth being aged 16 years & upward…be accounted a single share

3. The persons transported & ye adventurers shall continue their joint stock & partnership together, ye space of 7 years…during which time, all profits & benefits that are got by trade, traffic, trucking, working, fishing, or any other means of any person or persons, remain still in ye common stock until ye division…

5. That at ye end of ye 7 years, ye capital & profits, viz. the houses, lands, goods and chattels, be equally divided betwixt ye adventurers, and planters

10. That all such persons as are of this colony, are to have their meat, drink, apparel, and all provision out of ye common stock & goods.

Pilgrim Governor William Bradford wrote in his Of Plymouth Plantation, that sharing everyone’s profits & benefits equally “in ye common stock,” regardless of how hard each individual worked, was a failure:

The failure of that experiment of communal service, which was tried for several years, and by good and honest men, proves the emptiness of the theory of Plato and other ancients, applauded by some of later times, – that the taking away of private property, and the possession of it in community, by a commonwealth, would make a state happy and flourishing; as it they were wiser than God.”

William Bradford continued:

“For in this instance, community of property (so far as it went) was found to breed much confusion and discontent; and retard much employment which would have been to the general benefit and comfort.

For the young men who were most able and fit for service objected to being forced to spend their time and strength in working for other men’s wives and children, without any recompense.

The strong man or the resourceful man had no more share of food, clothes, etc., than the weak man who was not able to do a quarter the other could. This was thought injustice.

The aged and graver men, who were ranked and equalized in labor, food, clothes, etc., with the humbler and younger ones, thought it some indignity and disrespect  to them.”

The women did not like this communistic plan as well, as William Bradford wrote:

“As for men’s wives who were obliged to do service for other men, such as cooking, washing their clothes, etc., they considered it a kind of slavery, and many husbands would not brook it…”

William Bradford added:

“If (it were thought) all were to share alike, and all were to do alike, then all were on an equality throughout, and one was as good as another; and so, if it did not actually abolish those very relations which God himself has set among men, it did at least greatly diminish the mutual respect that is so important should be preserved amongst them.

Let none argue that this is due to human failing, rather than to this communistic plan of life in itself. I answer, seeing that all men have this failing in them, that God in His wisdom saw that another plan of life was fitter for them.”

William Bradford also wrote:

So they began to consider how to raise more corn, and obtain a better crop than they had done, so that they might not continue to endure the misery of want.

At length after much debate, the Governor, with the advice of the chief among them, allowed each man to plant corn for his own household, and to trust themselves for that; in all other things to go on in the general way as before. So every family was assigned a parcel of land, according to the proportion of their number…

This was very successful. It made all hands very industrious, so that much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could devise, and saved him a great deal of trouble, and gave far better satisfaction.

The women now went willing into the field, and took their little ones with them to plant corn, while before they would allege weakness and inability, and to have compelled them would have been thought great tyranny and oppression.”

This Thanksgiving, as we partake of the bounty that the Almighty has provided, let us not just recall the Pilgrims’ historic meal, but let us recall the economic wisdom that helped the Pilgrims to produce their bountiful harvest.

William J. Federer is the author of the new book, Change to Chains-the 6,000 year quest for control.


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Joe Holleman & Post-Dispatch: Welcome, Comrade!

Sunday’s Post-Disgrace column by Joe Holleman was jaw-dropping.  I had to go back, rub my eyes, and re-read the part where he says “I would label myself — ‘slightly to the right of center'”

After condescending on the simple desire to see Barack Obama’s real birth certificate with all the haughtiness of an east coast liberal, Holleman decided to wade into the controversy between tea party members (note the lower-case) and Don Giljum and Judy Ancel’s promotion, advocacy, and recruitment into the Communist Party.

Holleman says, “I think if we’re going to waste a few thousand dollars, we should do it by employing a few communists at our universities.

Let’s face it, where else are they going to go?

Communism has been kicked out of every Eastern European country. It would be dead in Cuba if the economy wasn’t bolstered by the thriving black market for 1950s car parts.”

So if college campuses don’t provide a safe haven for communists, then they’ll start circulating in the real world. Personally, I don’t need all that earnest goofiness.”

Later, Mr. Holleman points out that he was “irked” that some members of the tea party, who’s blog entries are syndicated on the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition web site, labeled advocates of communism as “degenerates” and “wastes of human flesh”.

‘Some say’ that “degenerates” and “wastes of human flesh” were too kind of words to describe the advocates of communism.

A quick aside to remind Mr Holleman of the facts:

Stéphane Courtois argues that Communism and National Socialism are slightly different totalitarian systems, and that communism is responsible for the murder of around 100 million people in the 20th century. He also argues that the National Socialists [Hitler] adopted their repressive methods from Soviet methods.

Stéphane Courtois (born November 25, 1947) is a French historian, an internationally known expert on communist studies, particularly the history of communism and communist genocides, and author of several books. The Black Book of Communism, a book edited by Courtois, has been translated into numerous languages, sold millions of copies and is considered a standard work on communist genocides.

So, Mr. Holleman wants keep the hiring window open at the universities for the ideology that murdered 100,000,000 people in the 20th Century (and from which National Socialists took their cues)?  Better they be there at the colleges teaching and recruiting our impressionable children than “circulating in the real world”?

Okay then, by Joe’s logic, what other ideologies and political theories should we welcome on campus in the name of academic freedom?  Seems that anyone who murdered 100 million or less in a century works for Joe.  At what point does the level of murder during the implementation of a political ideology become too much for Mr. Holleman (and not just “earnest goofiness”)?

How about supporters of fascism?  Hitler only killed 6 Million Jews – way less than communism dude.  Sign ’em up; right Joe?

How about the KKK? Should the grand wizard of the local radical racists be hired as an adjunct professor at UMSL or UMKC?  What great testimony to academic freedom, right?!?!  They killed way less than 1,000,000 people and probably are even bourgeoisie.

Al Qaeda has killed barely 10,000? Sign up the radical Imams?

But, we certainly don’t the ROTC or, Satan forbid, the Christian Conservatives!

Say it isn’t so Joe… …that you’d try to minimize the devastation and brutality that has been prosecuted in the name of communism and suggest that we allow its advocates a platform to indoctrinate our youth.

I think not!


Sadly, my comparison of communism, fascism, the KKK, and radical Islam will be dismissed as hysterical hyperbole, but ignoring the deaths of hundreds of millions of human beings in the name of an ideology and minimizing the hiring of their supporters at America’s universities?!?!  Well comrade, that’s just “steadfast knuckleheadedness”!

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Manager of Nuclear Power Workers Union Advocates Industrial Sabotage and Violence

Most Missourians have felt safe in the shadow of the nuclear power plant in Callaway County since its activation on December 19, 1984. Very little news comes out of the plant, and we count on our State and Federal governments to ensure its safety. Fear may have spiked in the days after the 9/11 attacks, but levels of concern have returned to normal as the State and NRC increased security at the plant.

What if I told you a sabotage-promoting self-avowed communist was the Business Manager for the Union that represents workers at the Callaway plant and all of Ameren UE in Missouri? Industrial Sabotage! Feel safe now?

Videos have come to light on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government web site, via the St. Louis Tea Party site, and others documenting the involvement of Don Giljum and Judy Ancell in Labor Relations classes held at UMKC and UMSL. The videos highlight Giljum’s advocacy of Industrial Sabotage as a means of breaking management to the Union’s will:

“[They say] Industrial sabotage doesn’t have its place; I think it certainly does”

Don Giljum is the Business Manager for THE Union whose members work at Callaway. If Giljum is so willing to openly advocate Industrial Sabotage ON TAPE in a college classroom, are we to believe that he wouldn’t push for such sabotage with the Shop Steward at the Callaway Plant? (Giljum was directly involved in litigation between Joseph Wallendorf and Ameren UE and Callaway)

h/t AFLCIO Photo Stream

Are we going to allow Giljum to head up the next set of negotiations with Ameren UE in light of this revelation? What if MO voters don’t approve of the plan to add additional nuclear facilities to the site? Industrial Sabotage?

No. Ameren and the IUOE must remove Giljum from his current employment and any posts held with the union.  There is no room for Progressive Communist Saboteur Don Giljum at Missouri’s Nuclear Facility… …let alone near any electrical outlet!


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The Tea Party Is Anti-Government

I was reading this article, and stopped quickly to offer the retort below:


Stopped wasting my time reading this tripe when you claim the Tea Party is “anti-government”.  Makes me think you WORK for the left-wing mass media.  This is the same meme they advance daily.

Have you been to a Tea Party to see what the speakers and attendees say and do?  Or do you just write based on what the State Run Media spoon feeds to you after they find the one guy in the crowd with a sign that can loosely be called racist — before he got chased off.

Tea Party members generally believe (IMHO) that left-wing equals more government control, more taxes, more rules, regulations, control, more taxes, less freedom, more people on the dole.  That is the mode of operations of most Democrats and about half the Republican party.

Tea Party members are NOT anti-government.  They believe in measured government especially in the sphere of the Federal Government.  Items needing government control, not specifically listed in the Constitution, are left to the Government of the State and to the people.   Federalism.  That’s the mode of some Republicans and a few Democrats.

Did you get that?  We understand and believe in the necessary evil of Government.  We are anti-big-controlling-marxist-socialist-hitlarian-taxing-spending-wasting-communist-corrupt-giant government.

But, if you aren’t studied enough to know these basic facts about the Tea Party, you probably aren’t the best guy to go around commenting on their ideals.

FWIW, many of us are more upset with the Republicans than we are with the Democrats.

I also went to the 10/2 One Nation Rally with all the usual suspects (liberals / left-wingers / progressives) and the Communists / Socialists / Marxists / Anarchists!  And, the main thing I learned there is that we all have the same basic goal:  The ability for someone to work and have a decent life.

The difference is in the means by which we would make that happen.  It seems those on the left think that the fruit of the rich man’s labor should be taken from them by force and redistributed to the less wealthy.  Obviously, that is Obama’s ideal.

Those on the right think that they should be able to keep the fruits of their labor with minimal taxation and minimal government.  They believe regulations should be kept at a minimum to allow the poor / middle class to work hard to create their own wealth.  We right-wingers hate the idea of crony capitalism and blame it for many of the ills that plague our country.

And, it isn’t just the Republicans who engage in crony capitalism.  Look up the facts of how much money Obama got from Big Oil and Wall Street.  Take a look at how many Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan execs are flowing in and out of his Administration.

Yes, I understand that there are various flavors of liberal, left, progressive.

Attack me at will.



Tom Langlitz Cartoon – 11/25/2010

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Break Out The Whitewash linked up a couple of videos of the folks they talked to at the One Nation rally.  They had a nice list of the groups that organized and those that spoke on this post.

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn couldn’t have done a better job of whitewashing the real attendees, organizers, and speakers at the event:

They seemed to leave out the speakers:

  • Van Jones – Truther / Communists / Marxist
  • Harry Belafonte – Radical Socialist Hugo Chavez sympathizer

They seemed to leave out the organizers and attendees:

  • Progressive Democrats of America
  • Communist Party Of the USA
  • International Socialist Organization

Nice job; Samuel Clemens would have been proud.


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